Sahe Chithi Ideas for a Punjabi Wedding

Let’s first understand what Saha Chithi means. In Punjabi, Saha means marriage, and Chithi means a letter. Therefore, ‘Saha Chithi’ is essentially a wedding letter, also known as Sahe Chithi.  ‘Saha Chithi’ is like a wedding letter, also called Sahe Chithi. In Punjabi tradition, it serves as the official invitation given by the bride’s family to invite the groom and his family to partake in the wedding festivities on the chosen date. This invitation contains details about the wedding and the people participating in the celebration. 

Today we give you some creative sahe chithi ideas to make them more presentable. 

As a book

Via: Esgee Art Design

Classic scroll

Via: Ckan Design

Palki design that’s not only beautiful but symbolic

Via: Pataaree 

A gold mirror with lovely calligraphy

Via: Designed By Taj

Showcasing it in a frame

Via: Calligraphia By Harsimar

Sahe Chithi, a crucial part of your wedding rituals does deserve some more attention.

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