Top 10 Candid Wedding Photographers In Delhi NCR

Giggles, laughter, bright glittery dresses, drums beats, tempting food and lots of emotional moments… Yes! These are Indian weddings and each one of them is special in its own way. From engagement to pheras, baraat to vidaai and reception all of these ceremonies are distinctive. These once in a lifetime moments when captured aptly could bring a smile when cherished later. All of us need a perfect photographer and videographer to shoot and make them immortal. Keeping this in mind presenting you the below list of 10 top wedding photographers in Delhi NCR:

1. Arjun Kartha Photography:

Arjunkartha Photography.weddingplz Arjunkartha Photography1.weddingplzArjunkartha Photography2.weddingplz Arjunkartha Photography3.weddingplzIt is actually a team of husband and wife who will capture would be husband and wife on their wedding day. Arjun is the winner of Wedding Photographer of the year 2011, Fearless Photographer’s Award and few more. Getting clicked by him and his wife would result into off-beat, class apart and enjoyable wedding memories forever. Specialized In: Candid Weeding Photography, Pre-Wedding, Complete Wedding, Post-Wedding and Photo Albums

Charges: Rs.100000/- onwards

Location: Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


2. Dipak Studios

Dipak Studio.weddingplz Dipak Studio1.weddingplz Dipak Studio2.weddingplz Dipak Studio3.weddingplz Dipak Studio4.weddingplz Dipak Studio5.weddingplzWith the Bollywood and Indian Television clients having ample years of experience, Dipak Studios would be the best choice for your Big Day.  They offer pictures from your wedding moments with an exceptional essence which makes them feel like it was only yesterday when you wedded.

Specialized In: Pre-Wedding, Wedding, Candid and Destination Wedding

Charges: Minimum Rs.150000/- and onwards

Location: Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi and DLF Mall Gurgaon


3. Phototantra

PhotoTantra4.weddingplzPhotoTantra2.weddingplz PhotoTantra1.weddingplz PhotoTantra3.weddingplzThis team of husband and wife with finest photography specialistscomprise the essential photography and cinematography team which would mix with your family and friends in a comfortable way and would click each and every moment of your wedding. Their USP is the way they make you do whatever you want and even then clicking you awesomely.

Specialized In: Candid, Wedding Films, Photojournalism, Destination Wedding, Wedding, Theme Wedding and many more

Charges: Minimum Rs.150000/- and onwards

Location: New Delhi


4. Soumen Nath Photography

SoumenNath Photography.weddingplz SoumenNath Photography2.weddingplz SoumenNath Photography3.weddingplz SoumenNath Photography4.weddingplz

If you wish to have an outstanding high-end Candid Wedding Photography for your Big Fat Indian Wedding, meet the man today for a fair discussion, he can guide you over the poses, make-up, lights and making you comfortable with conversation, he will click the best of you in no time. This team of photographers creates magic behind the lenses to immortalize your special moments.

Specialized In: Candid, Wedding Films, Cinematography, Couple Shoot, and Wedding Stories

Charges: Minimum Rs.100000/- and onwards

Location: Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi


5. Rajesh Luthra Photography:

Rajesh Luthra Photography.weddingplz Rajesh Luthra Photography1.weddingplz Rajesh Luthra Photography2.weddingplz Rajesh Luthra Photography3.weddingplz


Being a photographer with passion and ideology, Rajesh Luthra has the art of clicking various emotions and expressions that flow during all wedding ceremonies. With his dedication to capture photographs during your wedding, he would also capture all those special and unexpressed emotions which may sometimes go unnoticed.

Specialized In: Pre-Wedding, Candid Photography, Traditional Wedding Photography and Wedding Films

Charges: He offers customized wedding packages. Fixed upon requirement and discussion.

Location: GT Karnal Road, New Delhi


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6. Sharik Verma:

Sharik Verma Photography1.weddingplzSharik Verma Photography.weddingplz Sharik Verma Photography2.weddingplz Sharik Verma Photography3.weddingplz Sharik Verma Photography4.weddingplzSaturated, stunning and lively would be the pictures which Sharik would be capturing for your wedding day. There is definite faintness in the pictures that he captures. He has the art of capturing weddings in a way that later they seem to be the just yesterday issue. Your emotions and his clicks would go hand in hand.

Specialized In: Pre-Wedding, Wedding, and CandidWedding

Charges:Rs.100000 Minimum and onwards

Location:Saket, New Delhi


7. Our Wedding Chapter: 

Our Wedding Chapter.weddingplz Our Wedding Chapter1.weddingplz Our Wedding Chapter2.weddingplz Our Wedding Chapter3.weddingplz Our Wedding Chapter4.weddingplz Our Wedding Chapter5.weddingplzTeam of photographers here focus mostly on clicking you with natural expressions at the time of various ceremonies that has a meaning when recalled later. The photographers here are specialized in various areas so they can offer you a variety of services.

Specialized In: Candid Photography, Wedding Photojournalism, Wedding Films, Wedding Website, Couple Short Pre-Wedding Film, Bridal Makeup, Cinematography and many more…

Charges: Minimum Rs.50000/- and onwards

Location: Connaught Place, New Delhi


8. Studio Kelly Photography

Studio Kelly.weddingplz Studio Kelly1.weddingplz Studio Kelly2.weddingplz Studio Kelly4.weddingplz Studio Kelly5.weddingplzHaving fifteen years of knowledge has turned them into an expert in photography, videography, designing and editing. They create magical memories with the camera. Their stunningly crafted photography will force you to get re-married even after years.

Specialized In: Pre-Wedding, Wedding Photography and Cinematography

Charges: Minimum Rs.55000/- and onwards

Location: Janakpuri, New Delhi


9. Candid Kliks

Candid Klicks.weddingplz Candid Klicks1.weddingplz Candid Klicks3.weddingplz Candid Klicks4.weddingplz Candid Klicks5.weddingplzThis, Editor’s Choice 2013 National Geographic Traveler Competition, Fox Traveler 2013 Award and a few more award winner photographer has the expertise and proficiency of making your pre-wedding, engagement and wedding photographs alive. He can click you beautifully even without your knowledge. His in born talent and practice over years has made him the perfect photographer for your D-Day.

Specialized In: Pre-Wedding, Wedding, Candid, Portraits and Portfolios

Charges: Minimum Rs.50000/- and onwards

Location: Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


10. Bhumi & Simran Photography

Bhumi & Simran Photography.weddingplz Bhumi & Simran Photography1.weddingplz Bhumi & Simran Photography3.weddingplz Bhumi & Simran Photography4.weddingplz These best friends who are Masters in Photography from Cornwall, England create magic behind lenses with their composition of light and bonding between them.  Being best friends they share a bond of love with everyone around them and clicks photographs to still those beautiful moments forever. Having the experience of working with big brands, these gorgeous female photographers are full with various ideas.

Specialized In: Candid Wedding, Pre-Wedding and Complete Wedding Photography, Destination Weddings and Editing Images

Location: New Delhi

Charges: Depending upon nature and choice of work

So, choose anyone from the above the list and let your wedding be a memory cherished forever.

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    Being the Founder and Director of my own enterprise “Golden Frames Photography”, I understand the vital aspects of photography business, as well as the creative and technical challenges involved in the creation of high quality pictures. Wedding Photography requires sufficient management, which Golden Frames is ready to provide. We make our clients’ experience as stress-free as possible. It’s our job to capture all of the beautiful moments from your big day.

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    If you are looking for Best Wedding Photographers in your City Delhi, then you can contact with Vivah Moments.

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