I Wanted Umang And I To Just Have Fun And Celebrate The Beginning Of Our Lives Together :)))

After dating Umang for around a year, when Anuja finally got engaged to Umang in Paris in November last year, she wanted its magic to spread across her wedding as well… she wanted her wedding to be as special and beautiful as that. She wanted it to be grand, fun, emotional.. and everything in between… […]

Experiencing Excellence With Clearship Travels !!!

A Honeymoon is the very first trip you take as a couple. Almost every couple has some special ideas that they’ve set aside for their Once-in-a-Lifetime Holiday. Planning the ‘Perfect Honeymoon’ involves a lot of research and seamless execution. And doing all of this alongside planning your own wedding is not as easy as it […]


Groom Version Of ‘Din Shugna Da’ Another Love For This Wedding Season!

Suddenly the wedding chaos seems to silence… the hustle bustle mellows down and everyone stands still to witness what is the most important moment in the wedding … THE BRIDAL ENTRY … the bride looks radiant, the groom is anxious and everyone’s jaw drops as the beautiful leading lady glides down effortlessly towards the most […]

17 Images That Stole Everyone’s Heart In 2017

2017 has been a year of beautiful weddings. There were trends there were first times and there were traditional set ups too and each and every one of them won our hearts in their own special way. From latest unique trends in decor to elegant out of the box designs of wedding lehengas to some […]

Doreko – The DJ To Dance To!!!

Parties are to some people what therapy is to others. And talking about parties, what do you think holds the first spot? Nothing other than the music that’s played !!! Yes, whether its parties or social get togethers  they are just incomplete without a DJ giving beats for you to dance like no one is […]


The Wedding Junction Show : For Your Dream Bollywood Wedding!

Falling in love is the easy part, planning a wedding is not. And this is the reason why we are here to help you overcome the very challenge by giving out the name which stands for perfection, beauty and everything that you want your wedding to be like. It gives us immense pleasure to bring […]

Needledust Juttis Launches Special Capsule Line – Eclectic Mix of Festive and Contemporary

Looking for juttis, look no further! Needledust’s newest collection is a range of elaborate detailing and intricate craftsmanship. The special festive line plays with beautiful tassels made in 3D silk flowers, finished with glass tassles creating the fun shimy movement when you walk. Needledust makes juttis for all occasions and looks- and has a large selection of […]


Little Wedding Miniatures For The Big Lovely Wedding!!!

Its time to relive our fantasy world once again, where you can do just about anything that you want…!! And guess who is helping out the to-be-weds in doing so… none other than wedding photographers! The latest new trend doing rounds is creating Miniature versions of couples by wedding photographers! Having our own take of this macro […]


This Winter Look Haseen, With Abhinav Mishra’s New Fall Winter 2017 Collection – HASEEN 

Haseen, an Urdu word translates into beautiful, elegant and charming. The new collection by Abhinav Mishra perfectly embodies the bridal wear line that he just launched, young and vibrant with a blend of earthiness and simplicity. This Autumn Winter collection has an underlying magical and romantic aesthetic to it while being youthful. Keeping that in mind, bright tones of […]

Romantic Pre Wed With An Adventurous Story

We have heard many pre-wed stories but none like this… from heavy rains to scorpions to chameleons to leeches to almost missing the flight… this pre-wed has all the Bollywood masala that you can ever dream of…lol Between all the adventure that the lovely couple had to go through..they still managed to get some beautiful […]

Top 10 Places From Where You Can Pick Up Your Lehenga In Chandni Chowk

Planning to buy a lehenga…? We know that Chandni Chowk is the hub, but even if you reach there… how to choose the best shops out of the hundreds that fill the place!!!  Well, we made a list and shortlisted the 12 shops in Chandni Chowk that you cant afford to miss!!! Check them out! […]

Remember The Bride Who Shot Her Own Pre-Wedding? She Clicked On Her Wedding Day As Well:)!

After doing her own pre-wedding shoot, (remember our blog The Bride Who Shot Her Own Pre Wedding), gorgeous bride and incredibly talented wedding photographer Priyanka of DesignAqua fame , finally decided to get hitched! And who do you think shot her wedding… none other then she herself!!! Well thats mind blowing, isn’t it… phew…!!! Rarely have […]

A Wedding Gift As Unique As Your Wedding!

For a world which is changing and moving at such a fast pace, people try to make memories and freeze them in a way that helps them cherish special moments in their lives. The same happened when Akshita, a chartered accountant by profession got married to the love of her life, Chirag who is a […]

Trendiest and Beautiful Jewellery For Your Mehendi N Sangeet!

Gone are the days of the demure bride where she used to sit in the corner, stealing away shy glances and quietly got her mehendi done… Now the mehendi night is the most boisterous  and happening of all the occasions… and what has taken the most upturn is the jewellery… The bride of today is […]

Its a Dog’s World!!! :) When You Know Your Pet Is Your Best Pal!

Dogs are forever 🙂 !!! They are your best pals, the closest buddies and the most selfless of all the species that exist on our planet. We love them… and we love spending time with them…and you know what… Weddingplz also has a dog … a black labra… and just like the picture we put […]

When Shoes Speak Louder Than Words : Gorgeous Wedding Footwears We Couldn’t Ignore!

The journey of a thousand miles…begins with a fabulous pair of shoes 🙂 !!! And we so believe that… 🙂  With the new age bride and groom becoming more fashion savvy every day… we love the experiments they do with their wedding shoes… from flat maujris to floral stilettos to Swarovski embedded patterns to the […]

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