5 Favorite Honeymoon Destinations In India

Special destinations make special memories!

The special start of a married life, your honeymoon, is a chance when you can just relax, have fun with each other, begin a happy and long life of togetherness. Since, it is your first getaway as a couple; it ought to be special and memorable.

Can’t find a perfect destination even after surfing a lot over the internet? This article could turn helpful. Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India are described below.

1. Andaman & Nicobar


Nature lovers can certainly fly down to Andaman & Nicobar Island which comprises of almost 572 lush green islands and out of which 36 are inhabited. The range of islands stretch over an area of about 700 kms or more in the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Bengal from North to South. You will find flora and flora everywhere around you and also some beautiful and romantic beaches and can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Best time to visit this beautiful piece of nature would be from October to April.

2. Goa

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Party and beach lovers can choose this former Portuguese settlement, Goa, for its lovely and clean beaches, Churches, greenery, relaxed life-style, and definitely the most amazing beach parties of the country. Goa is considered one of the most popular and romantic destinations for Honeymoon in India. The heritage buildings and ancient cathedrals will attract you and parasailing, scuba diving, paragliding, water scooters and many more fun activities will keep you active during the day.

3. Darjeeling

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If you really fall for hill stations, Darjeeling is the destination for you. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive hill stations situated in West Bengal in the Shivaliks. Darjeeling is well known for its Toy Train and tea production. If you visit during the month of April, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful flowers blossoming and if you visit during the month of October to December, you will certainly enjoy the snow.

4. Kerala Backwaters- Alleppey

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Alleppey also known as Alappuzha lies between Trivandrum and Cochin in Alappuzha District of the state of Kerala. The place has attractive, backwaters, beaches, lagoons, canals and was described as the “Venice of the East” by Lord Curzon. The beautiful surrounding, houseboat and boat races experiences are the specific attractions of this place and October to May is the best time to plan a getaway to this place.

5. Manali

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Manali, also known as the “Land of the Gods”, is a very romantic and attractive hill resort situated in the Himalaya hills, 40 km far from Kulu. This place is surrounded by wonderful mountains, fruit orchards, pine and deodar forests, temples and caves which make it an outstanding honeymoon destination. March and April are the best months to enjoy trekking and during September to November, you can enjoy snowfall.

Apart from these, there are many other great honeymoon destinations such as Dalhousie, Kashmir, Gangtok, Nainital and various others. Choose according to your desires and budget.

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  • Ankur Ahlawat October 2, 2013

    I am planning to go to Manali with my would be. We have heard alot about its scenic beauty and the temples around. And there’s place called “Rohtank pas” which is covered with snow the entire year. Looking forward to do ice-skying there. Since, we both are very adventurous, we have heard there’s option for rafting and river-crossing as well. So, we both are super excited to be there.

  • Aaysha Jindal October 8, 2013

    I went to Kerala for my honeymoon. its really gods own country. you have to spend time on good house boat if you are there. nothing more awesome thn that.

  • Pradeep Pathania October 12, 2013

    Goa…!!! A place full of life and colors. I am dying to be there with my would be. I am a big time beach lover and so is she. I have planned a beach date for her. Looking forward to do the adventure sports as well.

  • Ikshita Kohli October 19, 2013

    Honeymoon is the best period to know your life partner really well. And it becomes even better when you visit a place with awesome scenic beauty. And for that, according to me, is nothing better then “Darjeeling”. What a beautiful place it is. One feels so fresh when they see plantation of tea leaves all around. The best hill station I’ve ever been uptill now.

  • Rahul Shikhawat October 29, 2013

    The idea of going to Andaman n Nicobar Islands sounds really interesting. Since I love greenery n sea sides n I n my fiance both are a big time nature lovers. So we would prefer going to this beautiful place.

  • Shikha Sharma November 19, 2013

    My vote goes for Kerala. Since, I am a North-Indian I would love to see the other part of India as well. I like to know different cultures and people and the languages they speak. So according to me, Kerala is the place to go.

  • Rishabh Batra November 20, 2013

    I would prefer Manali. Have been there once with my college group and would love to be there with my better half since I found that place really romantic. The place is genuinely very-2 beautiful.

  • Priti Desai December 18, 2013

    My vote goes to Kerala. It’s best and popular destination for honeymoon couples.

  • Monika January 21, 2014

    I recently got wed and went to Manali since I love adventure. Simply loved the ice at rohtang pass and the ice-skeying there.

  • VASEEM ZAHIR January 21, 2014

    Goa…!!! Hmmm… The name only makes me excited. The beaches, the happening tourist spots everything is so cool and exciting..!!!

  • Keshav July 1, 2015

    Am planning my honeymoon destination as well.Thanks for providing this blog. This has helped me a lot.

  • Kamla July 16, 2015

    Amazing pictures…Feels these places are so refreshing…Would love to visit all these places..

  • manish September 17, 2015

    Very nice

  • Raja October 6, 2015

    what about Sikkim(Gangtok)? Isn’t a perfect place for hoonymoon in december! Reply

    • admin October 14, 2015

      Hi Raja.. Thank u so much for your input!
      Indeed, Gangtok is a beautiful city and we’ll surely include it in our next sequel.

  • Anu December 9, 2015

    Awesome Destinations. I have planned my New Year eve in Goa. How’s it?

  • Ankita July 27, 2016

    I would prefer Manali. Have been there once with my college group and would love to be there with my better half since I found that place really romantic.

  • lisa August 3, 2016

    hi it is a nice blog about 5 favourite honeymoon destinations in India.Being a traveller myself, i would advise you to focus less on the attractions and more on the beaches, relaxation and eating to get the best out of the Andamans.

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