Intresting Wedding Superstitions That Will Blow Your Mind!

Weddings in India are full of traditions and superstitions. From wishing for everlasting togetherness to removing negativity, we come across bizarre wedding practices that can sometimes blow your mind. On the tongue of our grandparents, these practices have been passed on from generation to generation, but what are these sayings?

Let’s look over some bizarre wedding superstitions and see how many of you have heard these!

No Mirror Day!

It is believed that the bride after she’s ready for the ceremony should not look into the mirror as it brings bad luck to the marriage. We already can’t imagine the excitement we have to go through during, and not being able to look at ourselves in the mirror..are we sure here?

Photography: Chhobighar

No, Peek A Boo!

Only the bride and groom know the excitement of seeing each other on their wedding day. It’s so thrilling and exciting to see that beautiful face in their best attire, that they keep on trying to get a peek at their partners, but back then it was a big no for the couple to see each other on the day of the wedding.

Photography:  Art Capture Productions

The Reception Attendance

We all dislike the tiring process of greeting annoying relatives and if we ask the couple the toughest part of the wedding, it would probably be greeting relatives at reception. Well to add a cherry on the cake, we discovered a new superstition that says that the bridegroom should never leave the reception until all the relatives are gone. Hearing this, we’re tired already. What about you?

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Combinations In A Bride’s Attire

You must be excited about planning your wedding day outfits, from colors to combinations, you’d be making everything ready, but don’t get irritated if your grandma asks you to carry something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in your whole outfit. We don’t mind our sweet little grandma’s little tricks to protect you from evil eyes, after all, it’s a cute concern!

Photography: Biyani

No Knives Entry

A sharp object apart from cutting fruits is sometimes terrifying if it cuts the hands, knives are also considered back luck for the wedding., Many people believe that the cakes should also not be cut with knives as it brings bad luck. We don’t care as we get the largest piece of cake, do we?

Photography: Stories by Joseph Radhik 

Marriage is a big societal institution full of love and light. A union where both families celebrate the togetherness of a couple and their big journey onward. On the journey, if we have fun rituals we’ll get some superstitions too. From funny to scary the list of superstitions never ends, rather travel miles from culture to culture. Do you know any other famous superstitions in your community? Share your stories in the comments below and follow us for more wedding inspiration!

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