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Arranged Turned Love Marriage! A Gorgeous Chennai Wedding!

Dhaval and I (Priyanka) met for the first time in April 2019, in Mumbai. I was supposed to head to Goa for a conference, but I made a pit stop at Mumbai. I already dreaded the trip, because it was coming between me and Siddharth Malhotra (he was going to be at the conference too). […]

6 Bridal Outfits Designed By A Mother For Her Daughter Is The Sweetest Wedding Gift Ever!

They say that some bonds defy time, logic and distance. We, Meghna Bhutra and Aishu Khandelwal had never expected to end up together forever as well. Having been close friends since childhood, we’ve always stayed in touch despite living in different parts of the world. But neither of us were prepared when serendipity hit us, […]

A Fun Filled Delhi Wedding With The Prettiest Decor Elements!

My Best Friend of 10 years and I got married recently in a 3-day wedding celebration filled with fun, laughter, and dance at the slightest sound of music! We met during our first job, went ahead to do our Masters together and then came the hard part where we bore the brunt of long distance […]

Love At ‘Round of Shots’ #KABANNG

We heard ‘Love at First Sight’ and here comes ‘Love at Round of Shots’ 🙂 When it comes to doing something unimaginable but extraordinary, leading costume jewellery brand Outhouse is always ahead of the curve. So, suffice to say, that the wedding of its co-founder, Kaabia Grewal, was nothing less than a wonder to witness. The brand left no […]

WeddingPlz Trending Couples Of 2018

Just look at these cute and adorable couples that how they are sharing a bond of togetherness and spreading love in the air. Scroll down to get a look of all the Romances That Blossomed into couples. These couples have undoubtedly found their soul mates, and they are giving us some hardcore #CoupleGoals and #LifeGoals. Surely […]

Cinnamon Pictures, The Passionate Photographers!

Capturing memories have become important activity! Cinnamon Pictures , a renowned name in wedding Photography, let’s have a look, what they have to say about their experience and get deeper insight on their success story. Here are the views to inspire you. Come unveal their success pathways. #1. The Story and inspiration behind, It feels nice to […]

7 Tips For Camera Shy Couples!

Wedding moments are special for every couple as these are the best memories of their life. To make every moments a memorable one who will not want to capture them so that such moments remain closer to their hearts whole life. And photographs are the best way to keep your moment alive forever that defines […]

The 5 Must Have Props For Your Pre Wedding Shoot!!!

A wedding is never complete without a pre wedding shoot of the beautiful couple. Couples all around the world are coming up with beautiful, quirky and cute ideas. A pre wedding shoot can be executed with a couple of cute crops to make you strike that ultimate pose with your loved one. So, get under […]

Capturing Beauty With Lens

When it comes to appreciating moments, capturing them, is all you need, to create visual memories which could be shared by generations and preserved for time immemorial to cherish and to relive them. One such time in our lives takes place when we are binding together in the vows between us and our partners for […]

If Looks Could Kill! Ileana D Cruz’s Crazy Bridal Photoshoot!

Well! Well! Well! We have seen many crazy, funky, devil-may-care brides, but Ileana d Cruz stole the show with her latest bridal photoshoot. Clicked by Photographer Arjun Mark , Ileana’s photoshoot for Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop magazine, not only turned heads and eye balls but also gave people a fresh perspective of the mind of the new age […]

Questions To Ask Wedding Photographer Before Finalizing

Pictures and videos are the only source that will help you freshen up every single moment of your special day in your mind, even after ages. . Since, it is only through photographs that everyone can relive the wedding again, utmost importance should be given on the selection of a photographer. The photographer you choose […]

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