Questions To Ask Wedding Photographer Before Finalizing

Pictures and videos are the only source that will help you freshen up every single moment of your special day in your mind, even after ages. . Since, it is only through photographs that everyone can relive the wedding again, utmost importance should be given on the selection of a photographer. The photographer you choose should be reliable, skillful, and ingenious and should be able to handle even bad situations.
A thorough and detailed market research is required to pick a good one. Capturing your beautiful wedding day memories is his task! There are a number of professional wedding photographers in every city, from budget to high end!

Now, before finalizing the one for your wedding, here are some questions you should ask.

  1. What is his relevant experience in the field? Only photography is not important, does he have sufficient experience in wedding photography per se.
  2. Would he alone be covering the wedding or would he come with an assistant or a team?
  3. Is there an extra fee for that we have to bear for his assistant or team?
  4. Can there be a team of two wedding photographers to click pictures?
  5. Does he have any special wedding package – as in covering 2-3 events and does the charge decrease thereby?
  6. What are the services offered in a package – like covering the event, coffee table book, album, portfolio shoot, enlarging 2-3 images complimentary? As a part of a package, these things can be negotiated upon very easily.
  7. What’s the difference in cost for a ‘Wedding Package’ vis a vis availing those services individually. Just see if the cost difference is good enough for you to choose the package.
  8. Is there any specific count of hours he/she will be available or would they be present till the functions end?
  9. Is studio setup provided at the wedding venue?
  10. Is per hour service offered? How much are the per hour charges?
  11. Types of albums, album designs, paper type and quality used for the albums.
  12. If albums are not comprised within the package, how much will they cost?
  13. Is the transportation cost between the wedding venue and studio inclusive of the package or is it charged extra? If yes, then how much?


Apart from asking the photographers the above mentioned things and then finalizing the one that fits your criteria, make sure you also don’t forget to tell him/her some very important points that will help your wedding album look better and will help you smile whenever you look at your wedding memories for the years to come.

Things to tell your photographer:

  1. Tell your photographer about all your special guests, relatives and friends whose pictures must be clicked.
  2. Tell him who are important and who are to be photographed the most.
  3. Tell him of all your important occasions and moments when he needs to be present
  4. If there is any particular style that you admire such as close ups, or natural moments shots or a particular light effect shots, then don’t forget to tell your photographer about it.

25-most-beautiful-indian-brides-1610 (1) Just give all the responsibilities to him and being a professional wedding photographer, he will certainly manage all things.

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    It depends alot on the photographer how things are going to look later. The entire wedding can be relived by just seeing the pictures of the wedding. So it is very important that one choose a right photographer for the wedding.

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