Wedding Caterers: Questions To Ask Before Finalizing

Yummy food, who doesn’t love it?

Food more or less, takes the center stage whenever a wedding, party or any function arrives! Do you remember how the decoration was at the last social party or wedding you attended? Nah!Whatever an event is for, all we care is about the food and drinks.

Every wedding requires a good caterer. And catering is certainly a risky task. You need to take care of each and every spoon of ingredients you add, the quantity of food, and various other things.

But an even tougher job is to choose and more importantly trust a caterer.

Now before you finalize one, just bear in mind all the questions given below. These points will certainly help you in picking one and that too the right one!

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I. Experience and Credentials

  1. How much experience do you have for wedding catering?
  2. Can I visit a wedding venue you will be catering for?
  3. How and when can I taste the food made by you?
  4. Are you a licensed catering service company and do you have insurance ?
  5. What if something goes wrong with the food? Do you have a contingency plan?

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II. Payment and Policy

  1. When am I required to provide you the final guest number?
  2. Can I have an approximate food cost for my estimated guest list?
  3. What is your payment mode- Cash, Credit cards, or checks? Do you also charge advance?
  4. What tipping policy do you follow? Is it supposed to be included in the final billing?
  5. When should I acknowledge you with the final confirmation?

III. Food and Decoration

  1. Do you also provide linens and other equipments such as table, chairs etc?
  2. Do you also do wedding decoration?
  3. Which cuisines do you offer? In which cuisine do you specialize?
  4. Are the non-veg and the veg food prepared in separate utensils and sections?
  5. Do you also serve liquor, if required? Do you have a liquor license?

Once you get the answers of all these questions to your satisfaction, it will be easier for you to select a good one. All you require is to choose your wedding caterer with confidence and trust.

Since, all the popular and catering services have their websites; you can visit them and compare the services.

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  • Mooney November 6, 2013

    very informative post. Thanks

  • Pramod December 14, 2013

    Very nice blog…!!! Really liked the points mentioned. I am sure it would be great help to the people who are about to contact a caterer for any event. will definitely tell my friends and relatives abt it…

  • Parv Aggarwal January 8, 2014

    weddings are generally judged by the taste of food. I really liked the way you have written all the necessary points in choosing that.

  • Alisha June 29, 2015

    Important Points to remember.

  • Shailesh July 15, 2015

    Very helpful and informative blog

  • Indian Wedding Caterers in las vegas November 20, 2015

    I like this points but another main point which is needed is How does the caterer arrange the food on the buffet or plate? What will the caterer and their staff wear?

    • admin December 1, 2015

      Rightly said ! We hope the reader adds them in their questions.

  • Dev Rishi December 15, 2015

    I like your post. This is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anuj Goel February 17, 2016

    This information is quite useful, I truly enjoyed.

  • Judy Wilson March 11, 2016

    Asking a catering company if they’ll provide wedding decorations and any other equipment I might need seems really smart. I’ve always thought that I would have to get things like tables, chairs, and linens from a rental company. Now I’ll ask for this, along with the different types of food a catering company serves. Thanks for the tips!

  • prashant Kumar May 26, 2016

    Very informative post. I am satisfied it would be great help to the people who are about to contact a caterer for any event. Thanks for the idea!

  • Namit Chokra May 31, 2016

    The queries you mentioned to be asked by the caterers seems to be really important in order to organize a hassle-free event. Thanks for the tips!

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