Simple Tricks To Remain Stress Free On Your Wedding Day!

Wedding jitters? Gushing emotions? Stressed?

Well that’s very natural for any bride. With wedding comes a lot of stress and adrenaline rush which might result in acne, dark circles etc. The stress is evident on a brides face and so one should definitely try to relax the puzzled emotions. But don’t you worry, we are here to your rescue. To keep yourself absolutely stress free on the wedding day make sure:

1) To Hydrate Well: Drink loads and tons of liquid including lemonades, mocktails and coconut water to keep yourself well hydrated. Being hydrated is the key to being stress free. 

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2) To Sleep Well: Although it’s a little difficult but try to sleep at least 7-8 hours during the wedding week to keep the bridal glow on. 

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3) Organize Your Stuff: Organize all the things beforehand to avoid last minute hustle. Keep the wedding outfit, jewellery and vanity box handy. Also, make sure your bridesmaid knows the whereabouts of all the things you might need.

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4) Get A Head Massage A Day Before : A head massage will relax both the mind and body and release all the unnecessary stress. Use essential oils for the same. It will not only relax but also so keep the bride stress free.

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5) Relax: Dip your feet in warm water before sleeping and listen to some good music. You can even go for a spa if time permits to have a relaxing session.

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6) Talk To MOM: There is nothing  better than talking to Mom. Talk to her, hug her and I assure you, you will be absolutely stress free and joyous.

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And you are good to go!!

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