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All Deepika And Ranveer Wedding Pictures!

From Sonam’s boisterous and open for all wedding to Deepika’s quiet and totally hush hush wedding … Bollywood gives us its own unique dose of wedding type!! With Sabyasachi yet again the chosen wedding partner .. it did wonders to the bride and groom look 🙂 Konkani wedding was with a deep traditional looks from […]

8 Times Sonam Kapoor Gave Us The Major Wedding Attire Goals

Sonam Kapoor: “The Style Queen” The actress who is well known for her most impeccable styling sense of fashion which are often pretty sensational. She is beautiful, she is Style-Icon and glam up any event every time she come up. Here are some of the occasions Sonam styled herself from Indian outfits to western giving […]

Some Unbelievably Beautiful Bride And Groom Portrait In Mehendi Design!

One of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian marriages is the ‘Mehendi Ki Raat’ as Mehndi is integral part of wedding. It is not only a fun pre-wedding ritual but also has a deep-rooted cultural significance to it. Mehendi represents the bond of matrimony and signifies the love and affection between the couple and […]

Cute Kids At Weddings Stole Our Heart!!!

Kids at wedding sounds so childish! yet a wonderful experience to share your occasion with. As Childhood is that phase of life that is missed by everyone. There may be no one who is not inspired by his/her childhood since this phase leaves magical impression on them. Kids may not be so sincere but they […]

Your Wedding Saviour, Vasansi !!!

We witness year after year, how a complete family – Bride, mother, father, bridesmaid, friend, cousin – full party gets together and hails to Jaipur, To us. They come to adorn their lovely child, the apple of their heart, the BRIDE. And for the whole nine yards. Sneaking in a mini vacation alongside, the only […]

These Cute Umbrellas Are Just Replacing Phoolo Ki Chadar !!!

It is quite unique to have a cute umbrella for a bridal entry since this moment is so special that it should become the most memorable moment of your life as you are gradually heading towards a brand new life. The umbrellas look so exquisite that they are replacing phoolo ki chadar adding a WOW […]

10 Mehndi Favours For Your Bride Maids !!!

The mehndi ceremony is a colourful and joyful event of wedding. Just like your function, to make your mehndi favours colourful and quirky, you need to be creative and something that your guests will remember your mehndi ceremony forever. The gesture of acknowledgement to show your appreciation to your guests for making their immense presence on your […]

Things To Be Packed In Bridal Emergency Kit !!!

Bride you must have been planning and preparing for your wedding for so long. But still sometimes some contingencies are there which are most probable. They are inevitable and requires a special attention. No matter how detailed your day-of itinerary gets, wedding day hiccups are bound to happen. And that’s where this handy little kit […]

Hairstyles For Lazy Bridesmaids!!!

It’s an unsaid fact that if there is anyone who is going to upstage everyone at a wedding, it’ll be the bridesmaid. Bridesmaids are the ones who make the heads turn and set a fashion statement that keeps everyone talking about. With stylish clothes and makeup on point; if there is one thing which accentuate […]

10 Bite Size Wedding Food Items!!!

With different flavours adding more enjoyment to different stages of wedding, we have come up with a list of most interesting, cool and trending bite size food items. Wedding is all about delicious and fabulous food items. It is the time of wedding and interesting food is not served is impossible talk to even think […]

Sangeet Outfit to Slay on Your Wedding!

If there is one wedding function where we see the brides not only enjoying, living in the moment but also experimenting the most, it’s Sangeet. Since this particular day calls for some amazing dance moves and partying; it requires brides to wear something comfortable yet chic.And when it comes to matching these two factors, brides […]

5 Question To Ask Your Mehndi Artist Well In Advance

Mehndi ceremony is one of the most significant events of wedding. It is a pre-wedding ritual  that is organised following with  sangeet ceremony. Wedding ceremony is colourful moment full of different colours in which the colour of mehndi add beauty in it making more auspicious. Mehndi ceremony has been our tradition since very early as […]

The 5 Must Have Props For Your Pre Wedding Shoot!!!

A wedding is never complete without a pre wedding shoot of the beautiful couple. Couples all around the world are coming up with beautiful, quirky and cute ideas. A pre wedding shoot can be executed with a couple of cute crops to make you strike that ultimate pose with your loved one. So, get under […]

Must Have Poses With Your Lehenga

A wedding dress is something that a girl dreams about since her childhood. So, today when she actually gets her hands on her wedding dress she makes sure that she is showing it off to the world. And what is a better way of doing it other than having a photoshoot with your lehenga. Brides […]

The Women World, Behind Beautful Decoration!

Gone are the days when we used to say that behind Every successful man is a woman!! Nowadays it is most apt to say that behind every successful and beautiful wedding decor is yet another beautiful woman doing it !!! :):) yes brides and grooms and uncle jis n aunti jis, sit back n glance […]

Capturing Beauty With Lens

When it comes to appreciating moments, capturing them, is all you need, to create visual memories which could be shared by generations and preserved for time immemorial to cherish and to relive them. One such time in our lives takes place when we are binding together in the vows between us and our partners for […]

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