Prettiest Mehendi Hairstyles For The Brides Of 2020 !

Hairstyles have the power to totally change the vibe of the look. Adorning different hairstyles for different wedding functions is something that the new age bride crave for. Today we bring to you a few effortless hairstyles for your mehendi. Braids such as the french braid, the fishtail braid and princess braids look amazing at mehendi. To top it, accessorize your hair with fresh flowers. Go for natural curls for a very fresh and breezy vibe. Messy buns look adorable. Baby breath hairstyles are super trending. Floral wreaths and braided buns are hairstyles we are in love with. We would love to see brides adorn these hairstyles.

Hairstyle by Ritika Kadam

Hairstyle by Ritika Kadam

Hairstyle by Sharon hairstylist

Hairstyle by Sharon hairstylist

Hairstyle by Sunita hairstylist

Hairstyle by Anisha Nagpal

Hairstyle by Priyanka Gupta

Hairstyle by Aanalsavaliya

Hairstyle by Anikaahmed

Hairstyle by Sahar Gawlani

Hairstyle by Renuga Rangan

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