7 Amazing Hairstyles for Long Hair!

Long hair is an asset! Most women love to flaunt their beautiful tresses in every occasion and wedding is one of the best occasions to try new hairstyles. Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid or a guest, every woman wants to look her best and attract some drooling eyes.

Some of the most popular wedding hair styles for long hair are:

  • Simple Braiding or Plat style:

It is perfect for the new age woman who wants to maintain her traditionalism and still look modern. Braids must be done loosely and not too tightly so that some hair strands stay on your face. Adding small juhi flowers or red roses add to your beauty and glamour. Simple Braid.weddingplz

  • Waterfall Braids:

This is very simple to make and lets your soft textured hair look thick and voluminous. You just do the chains for the upper part of your hair and leave the rest of your hair to flow, forming a waterfall. Waterfall Braids.weddingplz

  • Intertwined Bun:

This is one of the most popular and exotic hairstyles for every wedding season. Bring your hair strands from every corner and weave them to form small and compact plat. Do the chains from top and the side as well. Make the front portion look fluffy. As the plats from top, side and lower part are made, roll them together to create a bun, placed near your shoulders. You can use some mousse or serum to make your hair more manageable. Intertwined Bun.weddingplz

  • Hawser Braids:

A beautiful hairstyle that can be simply understood as a network of braids that are rolled to form a webbed bun and adding some flowers to the bun will make you look stunning. You need to do a few braids separately (in front and back) and once they are done you bring them together and form a lower bun with a net like look. Hawser Braid.weddingplz

  • Cascading Curls:

This hairstyle looks perfect for the women with short frontal locks. Most of the curls are pinned up and some curls are left to hang down giving the perfect cascading effect like a waterfall flowing down. Using a smooth and creamy mousse will help you bring out the effects in a better and long lasting manner. This kind of styling goes perfect with thick long hair that’s shaped to look like steps. Cascading Curls.weddingplz

  • Half bun with curls:

This is the hairdo for the ones with a soft texture. Some part of the hair is rolled up to form a bun while the rest of it is left flowing to form curls. Avoid this hairstyle if your hair is too wavy. Half Bun with curls.weddingplz

  • Side Ponytail:

This kind of styling is done as your hair is first curled, then twisted and pinned to form a lower ponytail. The curling and twisting is done to render the floral design above the ponytail. Using a good quality hair serum is a must. Side Ponytail.weddingplz The list of wedding hairstyles for long hair can go on and on and still you wouldn’t find an end to it. Hope you enjoy these unique hairstyles and want to try them sometime.

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  • aarti May 19, 2015

    This is just wowww! I got so many new ideas for my long hair :).. Thank you guys!

  • Rina June 9, 2015

    This is soooo amazing!!and the Waterfall braids are fantastic. Actually all are great.Good work

  • Shona July 8, 2015

    Amazing hairstyles…Loved all of them..

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