Different Mandap Decors To Glam Up your Wedding! 

Mandaps are more or less the highlight of the wedding decor. From guests to the bridegroom, everyone not just considers the mandap as an important aspect traditionally, but also a place to capture mesmerizing wedding pictures. Living in the current trend of the market, we’re blessed with a range of mandap decors to enhance the beauty of your venue, but how many among them are defining your unique style of yours?

Here are a few interesting mandap designs that are worth giving a try! 

The Chandelier Mandap

From the old times, Chandeliers have been the classic choice of royalty. From big mansions, these beauties have now travelled to the mandap decor world to give a new and noteworthy look. These chandeliers come in different shapes and sizes are easily fit in, creating a new statement arc. 

Decor: Dreamzkraft 

The Acrylic Mandap

Acrylic mandap decor brings young modern decor, along with a minimal statement look. These acrylic decors are the showstopper of the current trends, giving the venue a western touch that defies the culture of putting those “extras” for a beautifully eye-catching  look. This style looks a perfect fit for a wedding with close family and friends. 

Via: Jo Von Photography 

Floral Mandap Decor 

Wherever there are flowers, there has to be freshness, love, and fragrance. These decors seem to be the most adaptable ones in the wedding trends, as they change faces with time, but are always there to support the venue with their simple finish and fresh vibes that are unmatchable. Hence, when in doubt, go for a flower mandap decor. 

Via: Gurleen M Puri 

Mandap With Fairy Lights

Fairy lights when added to the mandap decor give no less than an enchanted look to the venue that’s full of light. Fairy Lights, be those wrapped around the pillars, or flowing over the roof, give such a delightful touch to the modern mandaps, giving an insightful look! 

Via: Taarini | Umbelino Fotografias

Boho Themed Mandap 

The lovely Bohemian theme isn’t just a game for western, but now a great theme for Indian weddings as well. Its natural raw finish adds up a different vibe to the Indian mandap that just cuts it off the traditional ongoing wedding decor. The boho look of an Indian mandap is just unmatchable.

Via: Stephanie Velez

Grid Mandap 

A grid-patterned roof with minimal detailing is what we call an elegant modern wedding mandap. This contemporary design is now the choice of people in need of designs to maintain the dignity of an intimate wedding that touches your heart with efficient efforts. 

Via: EM Designs 

Statement Mandaps

It is always great to choose a mandap style that is beyond current trends. Telling a story through the decor or adding a statement item that makes your mandap stand out, allows you to set a new trend and makes your venue the talk of the town. 

Via: Altair 

Be it your customized theme or choosing among the latest trends, mandaps in the venue will be closest to our hearts. Being the showstopper of the show, they gotta be the best. Which ones are your picks for your wedding mandap? Tell us the comments below and for more wedding inspiration ideas explore with weddingplz! 

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