Marriage In The Time Of A Pandemic: Boon Or A Bane?

The start of Covid-19 brought about a major shift in the way the world used to function. There were many implications of this pandemic like social distancing and lockdowns which brought economies to a screeching halt and at the same time unlocked a myriad of other socio-economic problems in the wake of this health crisis.

Initially, we witnessed a lot of couples parting ways. The Financial crisis, Domestic violence, and Mental health issues are amongst other catalysts that led to this. The prolonged distance between couples also caused a spike in divorce rates and break-ups. It was what we would call a ‘Perfect Storm.

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However this kind of lifestyle became the new normal and the irreplaceable loss faced by many and the dark and tough times made us realize that life is short, which led to a surge in the number of weddings that took place. In times of uncertainty, couples became certain about the value of love and companionship.

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There are certain changes in the way one gets married now and age with the limitations in the number of guests making marriage a more intimate affair. The question that arises here is that is this a boon or a bane?

On one hand, it can be said that Indian weddings thrive on social gatherings and interactions and all the grand celebrations that make it big and fat and leave us with fond memories but on the other hand I believe that this situation allowed us to celebrate the special moments with our close and loved ones and hence it was a blessing in disguise.

Photo by Eirini Milaki

The silver lining is that couples get to spend more time knowing each other and doing things that they love together and with each other’s families instead of being busy with entertaining guests and taking care of their requirements which is a more effective way of building the strong foundation of marriage. A lot more changes have been tracked in present-day weddings starting from how the huge amount is now not spent on wedding photographers rather couples choose to opt for a candid photographer who captures their alluring, once in a life time moments. Since the duos have started to like an intimate celebration, another edginess of food & favours have reduced. Are you still planning to go for that big bash celebration with thousands of guests and upset relatives? Well, in our opinion you may go for an all blingy, glam-gala celebration (if you want to) but only with your dear ones!

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