Top Trends That Are Up & Running In The Wedding Cake Industry!

The western world has left no stone unturned when it comes to using their soft power and this has trickled down to the wedding culture in India as well. The concept of having grand tiered cakes has now become popular in modern Indian weddings.

If we go back in time the tradition originally signified a sign of prosperity and to encourage the fertility of the bride but today it is used more as a celebratory or a decorative piece in the union of two souls.

If you are wondering how to choose the perfect wedding cake then my suggestion would be to follow your heart and book a cake that matches your personal style and talks more about who you are and what marriage means to you.

Here is a list of trends that are up and running in the wedding cake business:

Textured Cake

This cake has a semi-smooth finish and includes a combination of shades with a watercolour effect.

Designed by Pearl Boutique Bakery | New Delhi, India

Outfit Cake

You can match the cake to what you are wearing on your big day with the concept of an outfit cake. This buttercream frosted cake was made to match the couple’s attire.

Designed by The Wishin Oven | Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Bling Cake

If you like everything shiny and sparkling just like your champagne then a cake covered in gold foils will tingle your taste buds.

Designed by | Mumbai, Maharashtra

Embellished Cake

These are really whimsical and have ample scope of detailing with pearls, sequencing or sugar art and is perfect if you are all about intricacies.

Designed by The Sugar Slide | New Delhi, India

Royal Cake

The cake speaks for itself and doesn’t need an introduction.

Designed by Cakes By Sejal

Vegan Cake

If you are an animal lover and believe in cruelty-free then this is the go-to cake for you as they are plant-based and totally organic. There is an option to play in the field and get a stack of cupcakes as well.

Designed by The Cooling Tin | Chattarpur, Delhi

Marble Effect Cake

Indulge in this luxurious cake with a mix of silk and sugar.

Designed by Delacreme Studio

Painted Cake

A chic and stylish cake that is aesthetically pleasing!

Designed by ME:ETTE | New Delhi, India

Hanging Cake

If you want to go all out then how about a cake that is on a swing or hanging like a chandelier!

Designed by The Cake Design Company | Multiple outlets

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