7 Incredibly Thoughtful Gifts Ideas For Your Loved One

Finding a perfect gift for your partner that draws a big smile across his/her face and gets you a warm, affectionate and a beautiful hug in return, requires planning and a well deserved thought and if possible – a talk beforehand.

It’s the Thought that Counts

The perfect gifts for couples are made for each other, and are symbolic of your commitment and love. So, say ‘no’ to toasters and cash vouchers and look around for a gift that is both meaningful and make your thoughts count.

If budget is not a restraint, then it is best to go into something that can be customized. A leather or decorated diary where you can put in all your ‘us’ moments or even a videographed recording of your times together.

Whether you are thinking of wedding gifts to select from or something just different to woo your loved one, here are some incredibly thoughtful gifts ideas for you –

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride

  1. A designer outfit, or rare of pashmina shawl
  2. A smart and trendy leather belt for women
  3. A heart shaped gold and diamond locket with a personal message on the back
  4. A beautiful Jewellery box to keep ornaments
  5. The most extravagant perfume on the rack ( they say that fragrance always pleases a lady!)
  6. Bespoke gadgets… e.g. if she is fond of some like iPad
  7. A set of beautiful earrings for her to flaunt always

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Groom

  1. A Classic leather bound desk set – A small table clock along with a penstand and a planner
  2. An Exquisitely bound picture of both of you, personally inscribed
  3. Set of monogrammed handkerchiefs
  4. Antique clock or a set of wrist watches (men just love watches!)
  5. Engraved or crystal studded money clip
  6. A branded leather belt for men
  7. An exclusive watch etched with their date of wedding on the back—an accessory that he will surely want to wear.

… and if a non-traditional gift for the groom is more desirable, then one that matches his hobby will be a good idea : branded golf set, high quality camping gear, a high voltage music system or even a play station… 🙂
Happy Gifting!

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  • Nishtha Verma February 10, 2014

    Oh what a perfect time to suggest gifts for the loved ones!!!
    Since it’s a valentine’s week, so every lover is wondering what should they gift their love and this blog would definitely be a great help for all of them.

  • AmitRaj February 12, 2014

    Hey I believe it is always the effort that counts and to show how much you feel for your loved one, the best gift is to make your own creative thing and then give it to your partner. I am sure no ready-made gift can beat the worth of your handmade gift.

  • Deekshima June 23, 2015

    I actually found these gifts quite attractive…the gifts offered for bride are actually what girls like.
    And yea..boys love watches..So its something worth giving.

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