7 Sensational Gifts for Wedding Night !

Ah…! The much awaited moment has finally arrived after the grand marriage. This is a special moment, a moment of love, affection, enthusiasm and delight and over and above some unexplained passion and romance. The exuberance and thrill of the first wedding night gushes through blood. The adrenalin rush can be felt and the heart beats are easily heard amidst the hustle bustle of celebrations. Between all this when you think about your wedding night, the first thing that comes to your mind is how you would greet your spouse…a Wedding Gift of course!

Yes! You heard that right…spice it up, give surprises, make the environment more mushy and cosy. Delay the final encounter – believe me, it will create a terrific chemistry and bonding between you both. Though personal preferences are always favoured, below listed few suggestions can always spruce up the atmosphere of your most important night.

1. Scrapbook or a Love Letter can create some real mushy moments. The intimate feelings of heart written with love when read in those private cosier moments will create magic to bring both souls closer for the rest of life.

Wedding Night Gifts.weddingplz

2. Chocolates but not just any taken from a shop.. Order special ones like Aphrodisiacs. Search for some exotic ones, if not available locally, order them online. Girls, dab some chocolate flavoured mist or perfume or some cocoa flavoured balms may be helpful for some real delicious moments.

Wedding Night Gifts.weddingplz

3. Jewelry is something which any woman can get wooed for and they put sparkle in her eyes too; a solitaire diamond ring on the wedding night will set the flames ablaze. On the other side a boy can really be surprised with some coveted designer watch or some bracelet or a pair of spunky eyewear.

Wedding Night Gifts.weddingplz

4. Exotic vacation trip is something which can really sizzle up the relationship between both. A cruise trip or a private destination trip gift will add more spice. And what nicer way would it be to surprise your spouse with a gift of his or her favourite destination trip.

Wedding Night Gifts.weddingplz

5. Wine !  A highly coveted bottle of wine for her or a rare bottle of champagne for him can lift the spirits of the couple on their wedding night to newer heights. (Cherries and strawberries will add flavour to the moment)

Wedding Night Gifts.weddingplz

6. Lingerie – Be wicked be naughty! as both boys and girls like it when it’s adventurous. A boy can always buy some real sexy lacy lingerie to his queen of dreams whereas girls can also plan up something like fun toys which both can enjoy.

Wedding Night Gifts.weddingplz

7. Sum it up with a basket full of gifts with lots of small lotions or perfumes or other cosmetic wears, some exotic chocolates; some customised modern gadgets can infuse unmatchable chemistry between the couple.

Wedding Night Gifts.weddingplz

Apart from the above listed suggestions the best gift one can gift your spouse is lots of unconditional love, pampering and attention. Between a couple generally material things have no value but when the same is bundled with affection and adoration it becomes special for life.

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