7 Adorable Pictures of Pets At Weddings!

Pet photoshoot at weddings all around the globe has taken internet by storm. Be it a dog, a feline, a horse, or a pig it will make your heard turn in aww. Pets are not just an animal we own but they are a part of our family and owning a pet is a blessing in disguise. So if you have second thoughts about including pets in your special day, here are a few photographs of people with their loving companion on their weddings making the whole experience enthralling.

A white pigeon is a symbol of peace, love and honor and the bride has done full justice with her red attire and the white pigeon.

Clicked by Wedding Bells Photography (Kerala)

Who let the dogs out? Dog is a man’s best friend and what better way to show your undying love for your loyal one by including them in your wedding.

Clicked by Photo Kitch

Breaking the norms this bride makes a grand entry with her white horse. Indian wedding  tradition making its way to Italy.

Photo Credit : rajster1

The  most adorable picture on internet. The bride and groom from California has adopted a zebra as their pet and have left people baffled over this charming mate.

Photo by And Justy Took This

Someone looks thrilled with all the attention he’s receiving. A captivating moment captured in lens. A pig mom is what she calls herself

Photo Credit : a_piglet_named_olive

Now this is something you won’t find very common. An  exotic photoshoot with llamas making your special day commendable.

Photo by Gold Hat Photography

A “ purrfect” click.

Photo Credit : thebridalfactoryoutlet

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