MitAli Wedding Prep! All You Need Is Love & Your Dog !:)

What happens when your two best friends come together for your wedding – Your a home gets filled with kisses, wagging tales, wet noses and love !:)

After dating each other for over six years, Mitali Salvi, a dog trainer by profession has finally decided to get hitched with her long-time beau, Ali.  With the wedding preparations in full swing, guess what’s the first step… Yes of course its Save the Date and this where Mitali’s love for her dogs stands up like never before !

Mitali-Ali_SaveTheDate 006

With their Save the Date invite to be completely out of box, she decided to take her Dogs in it and  is training her dogs for the big day as well.  Yes, you read it right, a dog lover at heart and trainer by profession, Mitali wants her work- buddies to be the show stealer at her wedding.

She began training her dogs a month before her wedding. From being a ring bearer to the special spectators of all the wedding ceremonies, her dogs will surely etch your hearts with warmth and cuteness.  The cutest part, that will have everyone love the wedding even more, is the one when her dog, Panty, will bring the ring to her.

Weddingplz Mitali-Ali_SaveTheDate
The idea that changed their life 🙂 xoxo
Weddingplz Mitali-Ali_SaveTheDate 034
Panty their dog would be the Ring Bearer at the wedding!
Weddingplz Mitali-Ali_SaveTheDate 033
Awww… yes i said yes i Will Yes :):):):)

Shot by WeddingNama and over a month of training with all her favourite students, here is the final result!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mitali and Ali’s wedding will have a lot of “awwww” moments in it..

All the best Mitali n Ali aka MitAli … we wish you an awesome life ahead and hope that your hearts are filled with loving paw prints !

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