My Bridesmaids Proposal Story!

After watching countless couple proposals, here comes a Bride-to-be proposing her girls to be her bridesmaids on her big day, for this she planned a girls day trip to Udaipur for bachelorette photoshoot and hired Pooja Parikh to do our photography!

She even planned some surprise gifts included : A Wonder Woman Badge, a body mist from Bath&Body Works, a couple of cookie cakes, mints and a bag charm. Riddhi was allergic to mists and hence I got her a Lakme Absolute Precision Eyeliner instead.

It was a charm to see them walk in and realize what’s waiting for them. These photos do the right justice to tell the story on my behalf. i would never have thought of feeling so special and happy doing this for them. And I cannot thank Pooja Parikh enough to capture this for me.

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  • Eshaal July 9, 2018

    Great…Nice Blog i really loved it. Thanx for sharing it!!

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