Bachelor Party Ideas: Have Fun, Play Safe, Chill Out!

It’s the last phase to celebrate the Single status, so why not make it grand before your marriage. It’s time to get crazy at the party. Get in touch with all your male friends and youngsters of your family and enjoy the night, you can also invite your dad or your future father-in-law, but make sure to set them off before the late night bacchanal begins.

Whatever you do, do not plan the party the night before wedding, as the hangover might interfere with all the rituals and preparations on the big day. If you wish to plan a week end long Bachelor bash then make it at least a week earlier to your wedding and keep in mind to set out your invitation a month early.

Alcohol, gambling, and strippers though being the popular among the lot are fast fading away. In the past few years things have changed quite a lot and there are many other concepts which are gaining popularity. Groom and his friends want to explore other options where they can have all the fun and really make it a fun friend’s night to remember. Mentioned below are some of the things that you can plan out on your friends bachelor party.


Check out few of the activities you could plan in your bachelor’s party:
1)Dance Mania: Go to a discotheque/club/DJ night and dance yourself out.

2)Drinks & Games: Get overloaded with some drinking games and set yourself loose.
3) Plan an Event: You can also opt for white-water rafting, skiing, sky-diving, go-carting etc.
4) Beach Party: You can also plan for a beach party with DJ, drinks, games and enjoy

5) Take a Trip:You can also plan for a camping trip with huge bonfire, with food and drinks with friends and set a cool example
6) Just closeup buddies: Some friends like to go outdoors, on a trip to enjoy each other’s company and have fun at the same time.
7) Theme Party: It could be a great idea to organise a theme party as theme dressing is always fun.

8) International Trip: If you plan to celebrate the party abroad you can also opt for strip club and get a bit too naughty in the evening.

12 It’s a bachelor party alright, so you cannot be without food. Get the best food in town, but if you are low on dough or the people around are in their frantic state of mind with drinks, then pizzas or some Indian Snacks would really fill your appetite and at the same time fit your bill perfectly

The idea of a bachelor party is to have fun and just enjoying out with your friends, but do keep caution that nothing that you do ends up you or anyone else in trouble.
Things to remember for Bachelor Parties:

1) If you are planning something special, be it a white-water rafting or any freaking parties you should go for the booking say a month in advance to avoid unnecessary hustle and high price.

2) There are more likely the chances of people drinking so you should keep in mind about the transportation opt for a luxury car and make the day an extravagant one, but if you are looking for a low cost commuting, you can opt for a van where in you can fit in piles of people at a time.

3) And always keep some extra cash in case of any emergency and play safe.

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  • Suraj Sood October 26, 2013

    Nice blog..!!!

    Bachelor’s party is 1 thing which every guy plans before his wedding in his own respective way. The ideas mentioned above were really good. I was really inspired by the movie “Zindagi na milegi dobara” & planning to do something like that only but thanks for sharing the safety measures I have to keep in mind while executing my plan. I am sure the above mentioned points are going to be a good help for me.

  • sam November 11, 2013

    nice blog..
    realy nice ideas.. 🙂

  • Kruthika Dikshit November 14, 2013

    Hey why is that always guys go for a bachelor party, this time we are going to change the trend and going to plan one awesome bachelor’s party for girls on my wedding. And will surely implement your suggestions given in this article.

  • PRASHANT CHOUDHARY November 26, 2013

    Bachelor’s party – The last time when you can live your freedom your life to the fullest as a bachelor.
    So, to enjoy it to the most, friends, music, dance, drinks are must. Just forget all your tensions and let go yourself.

  • Mohit Kaushik December 30, 2013

    A much required party before you are about to start an all together different life. So, the party should be a a blast and memorable by all. Nice ideas.

  • DeepakTomar January 21, 2014

    Generally, when we talk about wedding events, an obvious name called “Bachelor’s party” comes in mind which generally includes music, dance, drinks and lots of fun.. but there is always a chance of doing something innovative. Few good ideas are mentioned above as well.

  • Lalit Sharma January 21, 2014

    Beach party sounds nice and interesting. Will try and plan it in my wedding.. 😉

  • BH May 2, 2015

    Nice blog! I have a friend that has been looking for a bachelor party planner in Las Vegas.

  • Gautam June 30, 2015

    Awesome blog! And actually great ideas for a bachelor’s party…

  • Cynthia Lewis December 10, 2016

    Great Ideas for celebrating bachelor’s party.

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