Sabyasachi: A One Stop Shop To Enhance Your D-Day Look

It is every girl’s dream to feel like a princess from her favourite childhood book on her wedding day and wearing a dreamy lehenga is a part of the story. When we talk about dreamy wedding attire, one of the first few names that pop up is Sabyasachi. He is truly a blockbuster in the Indian fashion industry and has impressed his customers and inspired other designers with his aesthetic craft.

He has outdone himself with the jewellery collection that was launched in the year 2017 and believes that it is no less than art. His love for jewellery is cosmic and his aim is to educate people on the lines that it is more of a consumption good than an investment.

Categories Available For Purchase

Diamond and Coloured Stones – Brilliant cut diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphire and more that are amorous. Golconda designs interlaced with goswarna and rare Basra. The fancy kinship between the stones set in platinum and gold lend an air of classic sophistication.

Vintage – Temple Jewelry is an epitome of reverence to God. Engraved in gold, ‘ Vintage India’ is offset with emeralds & rubies. ‘Traditional Gold’ jewellery, creates an air of auspiciousness pulsating life and telling tales of culture, heritage and valour.

Jadau – This is an old technique that originated in the Indo-Gangetic plain and hence remains timeless in its appeal. The attention to detail is high and each depicts a beautiful affair.

Men’s jewellery – All the grooms out there, don’t worry because they have an exquisite collection for you as well.  This jewellery is a testament, not only to wealth & power but also their patronage of the arts.  

Heritage jewellery – These pieces are about reviving the forgotten treasures of India right from Jaipur to Madurai. They are poetic and regal and classics that are re-created by hand at the Sabyasachi Art Foundation and put together by master craftsmen. 

The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra – Even if you don’t opt for their lehenga you can still be a Sabyasachi bride with this luxurious and intricately designed Mangalsutra.

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