Live The Desire To Propose Your Partner At Home In Most Erotic Ways During This lockdown!

Wedding proposal at home sounds so surprising and is something uncommon to ever anticipate. But such a devastating outbreak has put everyone into deep thought of battling for survival of life and our mind has undergone catastrophic collapse towards the adversity incurred by this global pandemic. This could have sink our life styles but we need to keep the hope, the hope to begin new life again.
When it comes to propose your partner, whom you are going to make your soul mate for the rest of your life and with whom you want to share your everything, happiness or worries. So don’t wait for the right moment to come, just take this opportunity to propose your love at home only. Your home could be the best place ever you would have thought.

You can set unique different ways or take reference from these listed ideas that we have come up for you to make love yours forever!


# Romantic Dinner, Cook some delicious food to start your day and then keep first proposal.


# Make breakfast in bed and put the ring box on the tray. When they open it get down on one knee and propose.


#Get a nice gift and present it in unique manner like a surprise and when they open it just propose.


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# Just the two of you proposal, and home is good place where there would only you and your partner, take this chance and propose like never before.


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  # Compose a song or write something that will make your partner feel really happy and they can’t stop without accepting the proposal.


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# Video compilation proposal, get some old pictures and compile them in a video form so that when they saw it get older memories flash like it has happened recently which will make your partner feel very touched.


# While playing any unique game you can keep your proposal that sounds really interesting.


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# Recreate your some of the holiday days, so that they can get the feel of it and accept your proposal without any delay.


Shot By Tuesday Lights

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