Grab This Golden Opportunity With Safegold’s Exclusive Offer!

Wedding Bells are just around the corner for many of us, and everything needs to be properly planned-especially the budget for Jewellery. We spend a lot on gold during weddings, but without it, a ritual just doesn’t seem complete. Though the rising prices of gold have forced us to rethink our overall spend, gold is always a smart safe haven investment. But worry not peeps- we’ve found a new product- SafeGold- that can help you save up your gold without feeling that almighty pinch in the pocket!

Put simply, Safegold is a platform that lets you buy 24 k physical gold, through digital means, starting with as little as Rupees 100. You can save up and get this gold delivered to your doorstep in the form of gold coins and bars, but what’s even better is that you can accumulate this gold and then seamlessly exchange it for jewellery through their partner jewellers. For users who are looking to save in gold for the long term, SafeGold offers a Gold Savings Plan option, where you can accumulate at your own pace, without any lock in to stress about! You can also gift SafeGold to your loved ones through the platform, all with the tap of a few buttons.

You may be used to buying gold only from your trusted family jeweller, but you should be assured that Safegold procures 24 K gold and stands guarantee for all gold that you buy. The gold is stored in secure vaults operated by Brinks- the world leaders in secure storage. Why fear when Safegold is here?

Safegold is an easy way to accumulate gold over a period of time and women planning to get married can easily opt to convert this gold to jewellery online through their partners Candere by Kalyan, and Caratlane from Tanishq, online or at their stores. SafeGold is also an ideal choice for newlyweds looking to invest in gold over a period of time which they can use to either convert to jewellery or to gift to family and friends.

Checkout this great offer:

Buy minimum 1 gm of Gold on SafeGold & get 1 gm of Gold free. T&C Apply

⇒Buy minimum 1 gm of gold on Safegold and get 1 gm of gold free on any purchase on Candere.
⇒Post a selfie on Instagram of your purchase using #SafegoldxWeddingplz and do not forget to tag @safegold & @weddingplz… And one lucky winner will get additional 1 gm of gold absolutely free!

Terms and Conditions for contest winner:
a) The winner will be decided as per our discretion, and will need to share his/her phone number with us, for us to transfer the digital gold to him/her.
b) The 1 gram of free gold will be gifted only in the form of SafeGold balance.
c) The free 1 gm of gold can only be used to exchange your SafeGold balance for jewellery on Candere
d) Once the offer period is over the user will not be able to access the free 1 gm of gold.

SafeGold’s aim is to help customers like you save in gold at your own pace, use it in any way you’d wish to and enjoy the hassle of not worrying about storage.

So why think twice? Try it for yourself today!

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