Aavya – JADE by Monica & Karishma

JADE’s Spring/Summer ’19 collection Aavya is inspired by the rich and vibrant flora and fauna of Kashmir. Miniature paintings from the Mughal era add another dimension of precision, refined detailing, glamour and enchantment to the moodboard, and by extension – the collection at large.

Much like the landscapes and artistry it’s inspired from, this collection is a hallmark of lush beauty, opulent colours, youthful charm, otherworldly romance and fluid movement. The vibe is a stunning mesh of glamourous and refined, ethereal and elegant, classic and contemporary, making the collection timeless without losing its unique appeal. The opulent colour palette is a vibrant burst of freshness – turmeric yellow, lilac, pink, Lunar Silver, Saffron, Garnet, Amberglow, Marigold, Twilight Purple, Coral and Golden Poppy. The textures are borrowed from Kashmiri landscapes and Mughal paintings, while the movement of fabrics is light, languid and dreamy.

This collection perfectly evokes the magic of a summer wedding – the lightness, the dizzy delights, endless celebrations brought on by longer days. The aesthetics of this collection are stunning balance of contrasts – chic yet comfortable, sensuous yet demure, youthful yet opulent, lightweight yet ultra-glamourous. It’s perfect for the contemporary bride who deserves couture that reflects her persona – bold, dreamy and divine, fun and exuberant, unafraid and avant garde. Through every ensemble, we want the Summer Goddess within each bride to shine bright – radiating beauty so breath-taking, even the sun lingers a little longer to admire.

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