Must Try Wedding Photoshoot Poses!

Wedding photoshoots are so much fun and here we are to add more quirk to it. Here are a few new age photoshoot poses which we would love for the couples to try. The forehead kiss picture is a must have. We assure that the standard Sabyasachi portrait will make it to your bedroom wall. Quirky pictures such as the groom lifting the bride or vice versa are super fun pictures. The one where the bride is twirling and the groom is gazing is priceless. The one portrait that we really want to see is the couple laughing together and having a time of their life.

Photographer by Anil Video Films

Photography by Cinnamon Pictures

Photography by Confetti Films

Photography by First Frame Studio

Photography by Fox Studio

Photography by GP Production

Photography by Red visions Photography

Photography by Simran Jagdev Photography

Photography by The Story Weavers

Photography by Time Shutterz Photography

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