Must Have For Your Bridal Vanity Box!

A really important question during the wedding preparation is what should be put in the bridal vanity box. A bridal box is supposed to be curated in a way where in a bride can put stuffs that she will need during her wedding ceremonies as well as for the post marriage affairs. A perfect  bridal vanity  box must contain all the essential things that will be needed for the bride. It must include both pre and post requisites for the bridal makeup and  should be organised in a way a that the bride does not  have to search for anything.

Here is a list of items which are absolutely a must have in the bridal vanity box.

1.) Base Makeup: Let’s do it stepwise. Firstly you need to put the base for your makeup which will include the  primer, foundation and the concealer. Primer will help smoothen fine lines,foundation will even out the skin tone whereas concealer will cover dark spots and dark circles.

2.) Face Makeup: now it’s time to stuff your bridal vanity box with the powder, blush, highlighter and  bronzer. This will only enhance your beauty all the more. Blush will give your cheeks a natural pink tint, powder will help set in the foundation from liquid to matte,highligther will illuminate your face.

3.) Eye Make Up: A bridal vanity box must include a gel liner, jet black kajal and mascara. Never forget to keep a palette or two of eyeshadows. Eyes hold power so make sure they are given enough attention.


4.) Lip essentials: Lipsticks, lipgloss and lip liners are the next in the list. A few shades that must definitely be e a part of your bridal box are a nice red, a dark pink, an orange shade and a lighter version of pink.

5.) Make Up Fixer: A makeup fixer is a really essential product in the bridal vanity box. It not only fixes the makeup but it also make it stay for a very long time along with the glow.

6.) Make up Remover: once done with the ceremonies it will be very important to get the makeup off and using a gentle makeup remover will really help in the process. Makeup removal is an essential requisite towards a healthy skin.

7.) Facial wipes and tissues: these two products are really important as the bride need to let her skin breathe once the makeup is off. Facial wipes will cleanse your skin and remove excess of oil from the skin. Don’t forget to add a pack of tissue or facial wipes in your vanity box.

8.) Luna Mini 2: weddings come with a lot of makeup for the bride which really hampers the skin. Luna mini 2 will help not only in relaxing the skin but also making the skin smoother and healthier. It’s silicone brush give a spa like experience to the skin and is really very useful for both pre and post makeup and skincare regime.

9.) Moisturizers: moisturizers are really a necessity in the bridal vanity box and if possible keep one with the SPF for sun protection it with love! Moisturizer will reduce the appearance  of lines and wrinkles also keeps the skin healthy.

10) Perfumes: You would really want to smell very exotic at your wedding and other ceremonies. Do keep a small perfume in your bridal vanity box. Smelling good is as important as looking good.Smell good feel good!

Get yourself a pretty vanity box and start curating it with love!

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