5 Great Ways To Clean your Makeup Brushes At Home!

Makeup brushes can be your best friend if maintained well but can also be your skins worst enemy if some basic hygiene rules are ignored. Cleaning them time to time is very important as they accumulate all the dirt particles and bacteria which can have an adverse effect on your skin.

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a quick and simple exercise. Here are some easy DIY tips and ways of how to clean your makeup brushes!

Makeup Cleanser: Squeeze a makeup cleanser suitable to your brush, in a bowl of water. Dip the brush and twirl around. Rinse it thoroughly and lay it flat to dry.


Use of Baby shampoo: Pour a spoon of baby shampoo in a lukewarm water, mix it nicely, and dip the brushes. Spin them so that the bristles are completely wet and cleaned. Dry them in shade.


Soap Bar: Massaging the brushes against a robust yet gentle bar of soap such as Dove, Palmolive or olive oil, will remove the dirt of the bristles. Once done, rinse with lukewarm water and dry it with a paper towel. Make sure, the brush barrel isn’t wet, because it might loosen the hairs and cause them to fallout.


Vinegar : Its as simple as it gets. Mix two spoonful of white vinegar in a cup of warm water. Dip the brush for 10-15 min and viola ! you are ready to use them again.


Cleansing Mat: Using a cleansing mat like the Sigma Spa Express Mat makes the cleaning process quick and easy. Just lay the hot pink mat in the sink, apply a mild cleanser onto wet brushes. Pick one of the seven textures featured on the mat; gently spin over it to remove the old makeup, rinse and lay the brushes to air dry.


Brush-Cleaning Machine: Though its used by professionals , but if your love for make up goes beyond this then its time u buy onr for yourself at home. J With a hi-tech, brush-cleaning machine such as Lilumia brush-washing machine, cleaning process becomes automated. Insert six small brushes into the slots of the machine, close the lid, switch it on, and that’s it. Your clean brushes are ready.

A systematic and timely (daily or weekly) cleaning of the dirt, debris, oils, dead skin cells, makeup remains etc., from the brush will yield a long term qualitative usage of the brushes. Clean brushes implies better makeup application.

Do not forget to re-shape your brush !

Reshaping :

Gently squeeze the wet brushes in a paper towel to soak up extra moisture , then reshape the head with your hand, for them to maintain their shape.

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  • Jinal February 28, 2017

    Great article. I always struggle with knowing what the best way to clean my makeup brushes. Thank you.

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