Kaleere To Buy Online & In Store!

Kaleere is that accessory for which brides go crazy for, specially the Punjabi Bride. Apart from the beauty that the Kaleere adds, they are also a significance of blessings from the maternal side of the family to the bride. Today kaleeres are available in a variety of designs and patterns both online and in shops. A few trending styles include: paalki shaped kaleeres, multi-layered kaleeres, tasselled kaleeres, pearl kaleeres, baaraat themed Kaleere, floral kaleeres, pom pom Kaleere, and what not! You can also get your Kaleere customised by a few online Instagram shops and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Here are a few places where you can shop your dream Kaleere from.

#1. RKM Collections (Ludhiana, Punjab)

#2. Abhika Creations

#3. Style Chakra

#4. Purab Paschim

#5. Prune India

#6. Banglez Jewelry

#7. India Trend

#8. Om Sons Bridal Store

#9. Prerto

#10. Punjabi Jewellery

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