Jagrat And Poorva Wedding Story Of How Their Bond Of Friendship Turned Into Love Forever

Story Of Jagrat Vaidya and Poorva Kashelkar

Working at the same workplace their heart gets synced for that one good reason called love and attraction. Their connection had that spark that keeps them going and nurturing their love every single day. Yes, you must be wondering what we have today to tell you about. We have brought one such great story of finding the true love of Jagrat and Poorva. They worked together at the same place where Poorva was an intern and Jagrat was a senior Architect. It all started when she was feeling lonely when her family was out of town for so long and he took her out for a date for making her feel good and connected. He was very supportive at work and in life that made her feel confident, that he gonna be together at every stage no matter what short situations arise. Gradually that first date leads to many more such dates creating magical moments for them. They started sharing their thoughts and views and thus became good friends. And in no time when their friendship converted into love even, they could not realize. They liked each other’s thoughts, views and exchanged conversation to know each other better cherishing their newly created bond.

Soon, they became fond of each other realizing the fact that they are in love and they wanted to lead their friendship into a relationship which made them reached the ultimate goal of sharing life together forever becoming true soul mates. Hence they decided to get hitched, to experience their life journey together and further to unfold exquisite feeling. The presence of a bond called friendship in their relationship made them unique. After all, what she has to say and believe is Pyaar Dosti hai! They are happily married now and leading a happy married life that reflects a true sense of oneness for any couple.


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