From Street Strangers to A Dreamy Reality!

Ours is an arranged marriage. We were introduced to each other on a parent friendly dating website (a matrimonial portal). Our wedding was supposed to be a traditional wedding but it ended up being a family function. In that span of time we became very close to each others families. The first day we met we didn’t feel like we are meeting for the very first time. We are an absolute example that matches are made in heaven. All of this happened around monsoon and who knew that it would be raining love potions on us this year. Shopping might sound an unusual start to the courtship period but that is when we started to find, mix and match different hues for our functions and during the same time we were adding more colours to our fabric of love. It is during the courtship that we got so close to each other and started to know the likes and dislikes if each other. Hopping through streets, picking up the flavours of the city of dreams, here we are; from street strangers to a dreamy reality.

Photography by The Wedding Delight | Makeup : Lakme Salon | Bridal Outfit : Neerus Indian Ethnic | Groom Wear : Kora By Nilesh Mitesh | Jewellery : K.K. Jewellery

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  • Richa November 12, 2019

    Gorgeous pics!

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