Barkha’s Bachelorette Weekend In Beirut!

Bachelorette Weekend in Beirut, Lebanon

This is a small snippet of my Bachelorette (BachShitCrazy) in Beirut in March this year. I wanted this trip to be a lasting memory and what better than a fun, quirky photoshoot.

Initially this photoshoot was planned as a surprise for my girls but then our super passionate photographer suggested some crazy but amazing ideas and I couldn’t hold back!

We totally took over downtown Beirut in our lehengas and sneakers. People were crowding around, asking for pictures, most of them were waiting for us to break into a dance LOL. We felt no less than Bollywood celebrities for that day.

I’m really grateful to the photographer for capturing such beautiful moments and for the girls for being such a sport and so patient. The pictures are amazing but the bloopers are even better!

Photography by Marina Sfeir Photography (Beirut, Lebanon)

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