An Eloquent Wedding Proposal That Defies The Law Of Expectations!

Proposal Story Of Namah & Edul

Let’s meet a real-life ”Tom & Jerry” couple who were never sure about their love or never tried to show their love, how they become so important for each other that let them reach a point where they created a magical moment, the PROPOSAL. Their zeal to be together whole life and love for another happened to be proposed in the most dramatic way. First of all, they took the blessings of their parents without whom there would be no happy ending. Being from two different cultures and getting acceptance of their love and decision from their families were equally important for this love arrangement thing to happen. Then a trip to Goa with friends was a great part of this proposal where Namha had sniffed about the plans of Edul but he still didn’t come up. Music was playing in the background with candles lit and flowers spreading the fragrance of love everywhere in the restaurant seems short of a rom-com movie. Finally, it was the day when Edul was to propose her. He took her near a big Clock upstairs that signifies their love; time would never stop for anything or anyone just like their love for one another. Edul went down on his knee and read a letter which he had written for her. As a tear trickled down his cheeks he asked if she would marry him and she said: “yes but where’s the ring?” They chuckled, he opened the first box and there was no ring! It was beautiful to watch that marked their time of Happily Ever After. It had an elephant engraved symbolizing strength, good luck & stability. And then bring the second box which had the ring; a diamond-encrusted elephant. Namha was moved by the thought, how Edul had put his efforts into making each second of this moment very special. It was really a perfect love proposal for someone who speaks his heart to give his loved ones a majestic feeling of love and care for life!


Photography By : Jodi Clickers

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