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Hindu Wedding Rituals : The Most Traditional Way Of Wedding!

A traditional Hindu wedding is known for its grandeur and rituals that unite two souls for a lifetime. Every ritual and tradition that forms a part of a typical Hindu Wedding has some fascinating cultural and religious significance. Even though the rituals have been significantly modified to suit the needs of the changing times, their […]

Love knows No Boundary, Just Happens!

Story Of Apoorva & Harshad  It was a matter of destiny that brings them together. Let’s experience the story of Apoorva and Harshad of love. Apoorva living in Bangalore and Harshad from the US get into each other’s life despite being in a serious relationship and on the other hand, he was engaged, fell for […]

A Grand Event To Be Remembered Shows Seamless Love Between Couple!

Story Of Samridhi & Arohit #Suroo Marriage is a great thing to happen for two people. This is the story of quite two different personality’s tied-a-knot for lifetime. How this couple find each other’s company and fell in seamless bond of love. It all started from a good friendship that later turned to be great […]

Simarjyot And Rajveer Wedding, A True Realization Of Great Feelings Of Love!

Story Of Simarjyot & Rajveer Love is great feeling which is divine and what the feels. That is what happen with this couple. Come let’s have a sneak peek into their love story, the Simarjyot and Rajveer’s Story. Rajveer and Simarjyot met with each other by a marriage broker. Earlier than that they were purely […]

Tips To Follow For Wedding Dance Performance Keeping In Mind The Lockdown Rules!

Unfortunately this pandemic has shattered our happiness but we shouldn’t lose our hope because the big cause is here with us to celebrate and there can be nothing better than dance. Indian Weddings are most joyous and exciting thrilled with dance, music and drama. Dance reflects the real happiness of any moment. When it is […]

A Royal Wedding with a feel of nature’s love: Jaisel Jain & Abhishek Khimraj!

The wedding story of Jaisel & Abhishek A wedding where two people get hitched after discovering their love, let’s see what the bride has to share about her love and wedding. It was an auspicious place, a temple where we first met six years ago. From there, our friendship started. In our College fest, he […]

Rustam and Harustat: A Royal Heritage Wedding took place in Australia!

Wedding story of  Rustam & Harustat It is a tale about how casual conversation over a pet developed a love for life among two people. He was lucky to find a perfect girl in life. Spending some quality time with one another they realized they have built a strong relationship and need to lead it […]

An Eloquent Wedding Proposal That Defies The Law Of Expectations!

Proposal Story Of Namah & Edul Let’s meet a real-life ”Tom & Jerry” couple who were never sure about their love or never tried to show their love, how they become so important for each other that let them reach a point where they created a magical moment, the PROPOSAL. Their zeal to be together […]

Sarah And Salman, A Beautiful Wedding With The Colour Of Love!

Introduced by a common family friend, they started talking to each other and finally, one day luck made them meet in Bombay which happened to be their first date. Salman Shama was bowled over by Sarah’s beauty on their first date itself and her beautiful smile made him want to spend each day looking at […]

The Story Of How Teenage Lovers Became Partners For Life!

It all started in 2009, when Harsh and I started dating each other. We were just 17 when we fell in love. The only thing that we both were rooting for was to get married. We got engaged as per my grandmother’s last wish in the year 2017. A day after our engagement my grandmother […]

Ye Shaadi Nahi Tyohar Hai!

Facebook, family and mutual friends have played a very important role in uniting us. We had a unique tagline for our wedding, “Ye Shaadi nahi tyohar hai” which was totally justified. Our wedding was a lavish three day affair. Our wedding celebrations was started with the haldi function at my place followed by Bhajan Sandhya […]

Our Version Of Two States!

Goa is where we first met through a few common friends 5 years back but we remained acquaintances. Destiny got us together again after 3 years in California, USA where the both of us were working at that point of time. That’s where we spent a lot of time together, became really good friends and […]

Wedding Unfolding To Unique Story Of Finding A True Partner

Sahil, a demand planner and I, an architect belongs to Mumbai and had a destination wedding in Goa. Like every other bride and groom, our wedding was really fantastic and special to us. As we were introduced to each other by our families in a typical arranged marriage setup, back in December 2017. We had […]

A Fairytale Wedding : Of Finding A True Love And Life Partner

The story of our relationship and love is interesting as it is 10 years long. So we took this wise decision to get into the Institution of Marriage. And we planned our marriage in Goa where we fall in love with each other in a vintage house, old and rustic like our love story, a […]

Fusion Of Two Hearts From Two States!

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart. Which happened to me when I first met her. Her charm was so appealing that I get attracted in first look specially her red bindi on her forehead and pinned nose. It all […]

Arranged Turned Love Marriage! A Gorgeous Chennai Wedding!

Dhaval and I (Priyanka) met for the first time in April 2019, in Mumbai. I was supposed to head to Goa for a conference, but I made a pit stop at Mumbai. I already dreaded the trip, because it was coming between me and Siddharth Malhotra (he was going to be at the conference too). […]

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