A Tale Of Finding A True Love In A Best Friend!

Story Of Roshni & Sheshank

Friendship is a rebounding feeling which can lead your life to great success in life prospects, healing all the chaos of it. When there is friendship in love then it is something more like an added advantage to having a great understanding of your relationship.

Roshni and Shashank had shared the same school and colleges but were never get closed to each other more than attending classes together. They became friends but when their school life reached its end. As soon they became friends their friendship became deepen. Even they had never thought off that their friendship will last long that it would give them a reason to be together forever with each other. Then they made a decision to give their friendship a lifetime togetherness so that they had planned their wedding. It was like a dream for Roshni to find his life partner in his best friend whom she knew very well. It is really a splendid feeling to get hitched with your real-life partner who is also your best friend. That’s what happens to them as they both get married and happily lived their life together by strengthening their bond. Their wedding was a grand celebration with spectacular decoration. It was like they are a single soul that can never be apart. It is like finding a true purpose in life to live your life with someone who cares about you in every respect.


Outfit- Asiana Couture official/ Payal Keyal  / Bridal Outfit– Blush Pink / Jewellery- Tanishq

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