Wedding Cards – What’s Hot and What’s (Really) Not

Let me share a secret here – I would attend a worst enemy’s wedding, complete with a gift and shagun, if I like the card. Yes, cards are important!

There was once a time when not much attention and time was spent on choosing a wedding card. But today, things have definitely changed.

Did you just scream “tell me something new!”? Maybe that’s because you think you’ve got it all figured out. Have you left the wedding card designs to the parents? Not a good idea. Are you doing it all alone? This isn’t a very brilliant thing either. Strike a balance, consult people, take opinions of all those who matter OR simply read on.


Personalized cards We don’t mean cards that have your name(s) on them. By personalized, we mean wedding invites that carry a message from you, just you or both of you.


Stereotypical motifs and designs – If I see one more Indian wedding invite with a doli or the bride and groom exchanging garlands, I will scream!


Simple designs – If you think that a wedding invite has to be loud, golden and garish, you need to explore a little and see what amazing work a few artists are now doing. Retro designs, light, pastel shades, simple prints and basic fonts come together to make an invite that is classy, affordable and oh-so-chic.


Things that threaten to blow up in face – No pop-ups please! No matter how awesome these wedding card designs look on the big screen (remember the TajMahal pop-up in ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’?), they are old fashioned and ho-hum.


Marriage invitation on a budget – Now, this isn’t a ‘wedding cards design’ thing per-se, but making sure that you keep a budget in mind is totally the ‘in’ thing nowadays. This has nothing to do with your finances or income; it is all about being sensible.


Skipping proofreads, samples, spelling checks – This is not a good thing, period!

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  • Sanjana June 24, 2015

    Very true….!! Everyone should keep these points in mind.

  • Saloni July 14, 2015

    Something to be taken care of very much…

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