Undoubtedly it’s Quarantine, To Be At Home; But Fortunately A Time To Live To The Fullest With Your Partner!

At present the situation demands all of us to stay at home totally disconnected from social life due to this global pandemic that made us impotent. And everyone one is trying to combat this outbreak by keeping all the measures that could possibly be really helpful in fighting against this deadly virus. No one had ever imagined of such an adversity. But at the same time we have to collect our energy and pile it into a positive hope of getting out of this
situation and gaining those days back. All those beautiful days when everybody had their quality time specially the couples.

But why to spoil this moment just look for the time you have get. Utilize this time to strengthen your relationship and deepen your love for each other by being by side of one another. Think of this as a chance will never come again. So embrace it and get most of it. Express your love to your partner which you could hardly do during your busy schedule of daily livelihoods. So it’s important to ground yourselves in the love and positivity that will keep you resilient during these unfortunate circumstances. If things are on hold and you’re one of the many couples in self-isolation or quarantine for the indefinite future, help each other by keeping spirits high with some fun activities you can do together at home.

Say Hi to fun and get lost to those boring feelings of helplessness, take some effective actions to keep your love alive and grow stronger! You can look at these activities to be done at home with your partner by your side.


#Plan Date

 It’s really a great time to make your own home your dating place. It would have been never better than this being at home and showing love for each other in your own space far from those crowds. Embrace love!


Shot By Naman Verma

#Home Decoration

 Being creative is something more beautiful that to when you are decorating your home and luckily your partner is with for your help. You will surely create a memorable moment and will feel elated on your creation.


#Cooking Together

 Think of time when you cook for the day and your partner hardly get time to help you. But this time you both can try out some new recipe. You can experiment a recipe from whatever ingredients available at your home. Cook Food, Cook Love.




 Working out together is best thing to happen when the situation is stressing out. You can do Yoga or exercise, these are best forms of stress relief and giving way to your body to feel refreshed and get enthusiastic.



 This is great opportunity to nurture your relationship with long lasting memories. So enjoy this time cuddling, doing fun together by breaking down barriers which ever have come.



#Play some board games

 Discover some gaming idea and let the competition on. There are many options to play a game. Play together, grow love together.


# Helping in House Hold Cores

 It’s good time to have partnership in households work. Help your partner and divide the work equally to get your work done easily. These small things will give you a reason of great happiness.



Happiness is a choice. So make a choice of being happy with your partner. Do weird things that
you have done before to have fun with your partner. Just laugh and love!


Shot By Israni Photography

Shot By Israni Photography

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