The Emotional Vidaai Moments!

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, God gives us a fairytale.”

This is what parents of a daughter think while raising her and they clearly know that once she is grown up and her marriage is fixed they have to bid adieu to their Princess whom they have raised with all the love and comforts.

After all the glitter and the gold, from attractive bridal lehenga, shimmery makeup, hands dipped in henna to beautifully captured  candid shots of exchanging rings, dancing poses, lavish dinner and seven vows  comes the most difficult and tearful part of any Indian wedding for both the bride and her parents. This special ritual of bidding farewell to the daughter is called Bidai or Vidai.

Marking the end of her life as a daughter, accompanied by her parents and associate the weeping bride crosses her doorstep with a heavy heart having mixed emotions. On one hand she is sad about leaving her family and house behind where she has spent her entire childhood and on the other hand she is even excited about beginning a new life with her soul mate and his family members.

Bidai is the moment when a father realizes that all the years his daughter has spent safely under his shadow are coming to an end.

Photography by Vows and Tales

Looking at your father with gleaming eyes and you know it by heart that he is the only one who taught you to be strong enough to handle every situation.

Photography by Saurabh Rungta Photography

When you have a lot to say but your heart comes pouring out from your eyes.

Photography by Himanshu Jangid Photography

The last hug before giving her hand to another man and the only thing you can do is trust him that he will surely keep her as happy as you ever did.

Photography by Divishth Kakkar Photography

No matter how far you go or how grown up you are, you will always be our little princess. Our home will be a dull and silent place to live in without you.

Photography by Digital Plus Photography (Canada)

Bride’s mother feeling helpless beyond the limits but with a heavy heart and teary eyes can only wishes her daughter a happy, peaceful and joyous life ahead.

Photography by Bliss Production (Canada)

You might not know this, but whatever the situation is my little baby your father and I will always support you.

Photography by Colomono (Malaysia)

And it’s the time for final Goodbye. You know you can’t stop her but the only thing you can do is to wish her a happy married life.

Photography by Inside Ankit Goel

I will miss all the cat fights, gossips and late night munching moments my baby sister. But I know that all my scolding have made you a strong and responsible girl now. Please take care of Mom and Dad.

Photography by 361 Degree Productions

The sweetest moment when you don’t know you should cry or laugh but the tears fall automatically.

Photography by Fotobar

No matter what, you always know you can find heaven in your father’s arms.

Photography by The Knotty Story

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