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10 Steps On How To Look Good Without Makeup!

Doesn’t the title of this article intrigue you? Well, sure it does. We all want to look good without makeup. Is that even possible? Most definitely it is. Sure makeup can cover your imperfections but for how long, there are repercussions of daily using such chemical products on face. The trend now is to look […]

Sonia Narang : The Dietitian’s Way To Health !

With The Hindustan Times ‘Women for Women’ award conferred upon her, an impressive list of esteemed clients including the Former Health Minister of India Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss’s family and The Mayor of Delhi Mr Prithviraj Sawhney vouching for her expertise, and interview to esteemed channels such as Aaj Tak, Zee News and the likes, it […]

Planning Weight Loss : 6 Points To Remember !

Its  time to shed that extra flab…!  and this becomes extra important when it come to marriage. With a tight shopping schedule and busy outings its time you take care of your body and have a fit life style. Instead of counting every calorie that goes into your body and stressing over it, it is better […]

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