Sonia Narang : The Dietitian’s Way To Health !

With The Hindustan Times ‘Women for Women’ award conferred upon her, an impressive list of esteemed clients including the Former Health Minister of India Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss’s family and The Mayor of Delhi Mr Prithviraj Sawhney vouching for her expertise, and interview to esteemed channels such as Aaj Tak, Zee News and the likes, it is no wonder that Sonia Narang, Dietitian and Nutritionist , has carved a niche for herself in the highly competitive and purely result oriented field of Diet and Nutrition.

WeddingPlz had a candid chat with her about how we can take care of our health schedule while we are busy preparing for wedding and otherwise too. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

1. What are the components of a healthy diet?

As a dietitian, this is the question that is most commonly asked from me. Well technically, the components of healthy diet are fats, carbohydrates and proteins. But it seems so boring to remember the details of it. So for this, I advise my clients to do a very interesting thing, here it goes:

i) Rainbow Diet : Make sure that your meal/food has all the bright rainbow colors. Orange , green , yellow , red , purple etc. consume as many different colored food in your diet as possible.
ii) All Taste Types : Similarly we should have all tastes in our plate, such as salty, sweet, pungent, sour and bitter to get the best nutrition from all food groups.
iii) Oil Rotation : Use cooking oils sparingly and also the rotation of different oils is very essential for best results.
iv) Different Cooking Methods : Healthy diets should also have the balance of raw and cooked food. Use different methods of cooking, such as boiling, roasting, baking etc .to get different textures of food.

2. I don’t get time to exercise owing to my busy schedule. Is there any other way I don’t put on weight?

i) No excuses are accepted for not working out. Just take off 20 minutes from social networking or lazing around.
ii) Wear your sports shoes and see the difference!! Wear earplugs, turn on peppy music and rush to the nearby park.
iii) Get your posture correct.
iv) Sit smart, stand tall, squeeze in your abdominal muscles and glutes (butts) even when you are at meetings, driving car, shopping, dating or whenever you remember, for as long as you can and as many times as you can!

3. My wedding shopping makes me feel very tired and my looks have also gone down. Is there something you can tell me to ensure a healthier looking skin?

Wedding and shopping is all about happiness. Pre marriage/wedding shopping is like building a nest!
While you are busy doing wedding shopping here are some handy and easy ideas to execute :

i) Veg Juice : Drink a glass of veg juice right in the morning to keep your nutrition levels maximum.
ii) Buttermilk : Carry thin chach (buttermilk) in a pet bottle and gulp down a little after every half an hour
iii) Sliced Fruits : Pack some easy to eat fruits such as sliced apple or guava and sneak a bite or two in between shopping.
iv) Nimbu Paani : Order for nimbu-pani ( fresh lime water) stop or drink coconut water if available.
v) Sprouts : Easy to carry, no fuss food, rich in vitamin C, A and E, so snacking on sprouts will keep your energy level up and stomach full, without adding extra weight.
vi) Fluids : Take plenty of fluids throughout the day.
vii) Dietary Supplements : Meet your dermatologist. Get dietary supplements if required.

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4. I am about to get married and would be required to attend lots of lunch and dinners (as is customary in Indian Society), how can I resist putting on weight.

Indian weddings are a lot about food and the trend continues for some months after wedding also. So you can resist yourself from putting on weight (and by this I am not suggesting weightloss)if you keep the following things in mind:

i) Balancing Meals: Balance your next meal after every heavy meal eg; if dinner is heavy then opt for lighter breakfast(the next morning) or balance the next day with fruit and milk in your diet with one meal consisting of 1 veg sandwich + 1 veg + salad in ur lunch.
ii) Water Intake : Increase your water intake, avoid fried food, choose food wisely in your dinners like go for salad, fruits, stir fry vegetables, green tea etc.
iii) Don’t mix two proteins : Don’t mix two proteins together in one meal eg; paneer + chicken/dal.
iv) Don’t mix two carbohydrates : Similarly don’t mix two carbohydrates together in one meal eg rice and roti.

5. What is the best thing to snack on? I can’t stay hungry and can’t keep on eating also. Plz help me out.

Why to stay hungry? Get your thyroid profile test done if you feel excessively hungry. Snack on healthier options.

i) Popcorns, nuts, sprouts, bhuna channa, roasted soya, veg bhelpuri, boiled eggs, are all healthy options to be had in between meals.
ii) Munch on carrot sticks – rich source of Vit A and dietary fiber. It will also keep your skin and gums healthy.
iii) You can also snack on 2 golgappas so that your cravings can also be taken care of and this would also remain within calorie limit.

6. The 5 foods you will never advise to eat

i) Fried foods
ii) Packed/Preservative Food
iii) Maida ( All purpose, plain white refined flour )
iv) Foods labeling ‘Diet’ might contain high sodium so check the labels carefully,
v) Aerated beverages

7. Tips for our WeddingPlz Brides and Grooms.

Have vit A, C, E, folic acid and vit B enriched foods:

i) Pomegranate for vit A & C,
ii) Oranges for vit C,
iii) Carrots for vit A & C, and
iv) Dark green leafy veg like spinach for vit A, C folic acid and calcium.

To sum it again….eat a rainbow a day!

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  • Cheshtha January 13, 2014

    Really liked the way you have blend the taste and the required nutrition for our body. Mentioning about eating 2 golgappas a day was a nice way to make people realize that to keep yourself healthy, you doesn’t really need to eat only fruits and boiled vegetables. Each and every kind of diet is important for our body but in a controlled manner.

  • Sahiba June 24, 2015

    Thank you weddingplz ! My all questions are answered.

  • Aradhya February 19, 2016

    Hii I am Aradhya
    Actually I need to reduce weight. I am really confused how to go about it. I am confused whether to hit the gym or brisk walking. And I have controlled my diet to a larger extent now. I am 19.

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