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A Lovely Surprise Proposal At Beach Side!

Our Roka (God-dhana in Gujarati culture) happened in December last year in India while we both live here in the US. Ours was an arranged setting. He still wanted to go down on a knee and propose to me so he told my dad that we wouldn’t do a ring ceremony in India. All of […]

Romantic Love Proposal !!!

My name is Pooja Gupta and my fiancé’s name is Anshul Doshi. We both are from Bombay. I am into Elusive Dreams events and he is in his family business. So to begin with, We met through family in an arranged set up a few months back and in our second meeting itself we knew how […]

When Your Best Friend Become Your Life-Partner

It’s always said that having your best friend as your life partner is the greatest blessing one could have and we are the couple who are BFF’s first than partners. We met each other on the first day of our PG classes and remembering that day still make me laugh as my first comment after […]

When Mr. Advocate Met Social Butterfly

A well known phrase, “Opposite attract and similar repel each other”. Here comes another perfect example of opposites attract!! A career oriented scorpion girl whose only focus was her work and a Sagittarian judicial advocate who was only dedicated towards his work and studies. Before they met he was a tea lover and she was […]

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