Solah Shringar:The Ultimate Beauty Regimen for Indian Brides

The term Solah Shringar traditionally refers to the 16 steps which form the part of a girl’s regimen ( to be bride) to look beautiful and ready to receive her beloved (groom) from top to toe.

‘Solah Shringar’ is a woman’s beauty list before she gets married. Dressed in a beautiful attire, with  Bridal Makeup and wedding jewellery alike and a  charming body decorated to perfection– an Indian bride is certainly a sight to behold.

Here, we take you through the sixteen beauty tips and steps that guide you to get ready for those special moments of your life –when you are just about to tie your nuptial knot.

1. Bridal Attire ( Vastra) – The bridal outfit that best compliments your skin color and body shape to make you a sight to behold, as you await the arrival of your groom.


2. Tilak& Maang Tika– The vermilion mark or fancy ‘bindi’ adorning your forehead and Maang Tika, a jewel that sparkles on your forehead; every time you tilt your head to sneak a look at your groom.


3. Kajal ( Netranjan) -kohl that makes your eyes all the more prominent and enhances the overall appeal of your face.


4. Kundals – Earrings that dangle and move in sync with your soft steps.


5. Nath- A large nose ring to add a touch of sensuality and innocence.


6. Lip Color (Betel Leaf) – For a beautiful red mouth (well, that was in the 15th century… you would to use your favorite brand of lip-colors).


7. Necklace (Kanchuk) – Adornments that hug your neckline and bosom.


8. Bangle & Bajubands – Colorful bangles arranged with real jewellery, to add that much needed touch of grace and richness to your mehandi adorned hands.


9. Payal & Bichua (Noopor) – Anklets and toe rings to compliment your steps to the altar and herald the coming of marital bliss.


10. Kamarbandh (Kardhani) – Girdles made of gold or other precious metals to highlight the exposed parts of your body—in more ways than one.


11. Itar (Sugandha Angrak)– Fragrant oils and pastes such as kesar (saffron) and sandal wood for bringing out that golden glow on your face and body.


12. Hair Style (Keshpach Rachna)– Hair style, decorated with flowers, pearls and other jewels, it can be a stylish bun or arranged as desired.


13. Sindoor (Vermilion) – Or the red mark that signifies accord and austerity –the ultimate mark of a married bride!


14. Mehndi –The most beautiful in sringaar, mehndi makes the bride complete.


15. Mangalsutra : The sacred thread or necklace, its the ultimate symbol of wedding.


16. Kardarpan or Mirror—A final look in the mirror, to make sure that your looks are gorgeous and everything is in the right place.


With the passage of time, the words ‘Solah Shringar’ are no longer confined to the sixteen steps defined in the 15th century edition of ‘Ujjwal Neelmani’ and now include many other jewels and accessories.

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