Home Is Where the Heart Is: Saanya and Rahul’s Three-Day Wedding Adventure

Saanya Sharma, co-founder of Three Entertainment, recently tied the knot with her longtime sweetheart, Rahul Vohra, in a setting that felt like home to her. Growing up together since the age of five, they transitioned from best friends in school to becoming each other’s soulmates for life. Their journey is nothing short of a fairy tale. It beautifully reflects their deep bond and shared passions. Let’s take a closer look at their bewitching celebration.


The wedding festivities kicked off with a lively roka ceremony at Bastian, Dadar. Themed as ‘Disco Jungle,’ it was a fun-filled affair celebrating their love for wildlife and each other. The decor, vibrant and wild, set the stage for the colourful journey ahead.

Saanya, as the wedding designer for their design company, curated a maximalist decor that was trendy and out of the box. Breaking away from the trend of quiet luxury, she followed her heart to create a celebration filled with beauty and grandeur.

Day 1 – Mehendi

The Mehendi Ceremony at St. Regis, Mumbai, was like a burst of colours against the backdrop of Manhattan. It was a blend of vintage charm and modern vibes, echoing the joy and excitement of their union. Saanya looked stunning in an exquisite ensemble by Shantanu & Nikhil, while Rahul charmed in attire by Abhinav Mishra. 

Every corner was adorned with intricate designs and vibrant hues. Such details in the decor were undeniably Pinterest-worthy.

Day 2 – Haldi & Chuda 

The Haldi and Chuda ceremony, held under a gorgeous sunflower canopy, radiated warmth and tradition. Saanya and Rahul were all smiles, drenched in the sun-kissed hues of love and happiness. They wore the bespoke orange ensembles curated by Saanya’s mother, Ritu Sharma. 

The sunflower decor was truly trendsetting.

Day 3 – Sangeet & Wedding

The Sangeet continued with a dreamy floral setup, featuring elegant black mesh flowers throughout the decor. Adding a unique touch, Three Entertainment designed a reflective stage shaped like a home with infinity mirrors, symbolising the couple’s journey of building a life together.

Saanya stunned in a striking Tarun Tahiliani outfit, while Rahul looked dashing in attire by Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna.

Their wedding day, themed ‘Love Laps at the Racecourse,’ at Gallops, Mumbai, was nothing short of magical. Saanya’s stunning lehenga, crafted by her mother, and Rahul’s regal attire added to the charm of the ceremony. 

The decor, elegant and grand, transformed the venue into a dreamy paradise.

Saanya and Rahul’s wedding was a celebration of love, friendship, and shared dreams. It was a joyous occasion that showcased their unique style and personalities, inviting everyone to be part of their beautiful journey ahead. From the vibrant decor to the heartfelt moments, every detail spoke volumes about their nurturing love and unwavering bond.

Decor, Design & Production: Three Entertainment | Planning: Mpire | MUA: Shradha Luthra | Photography & Videography: Ombre By HJ | DJ: DJ AJ

Outfit Details
Mehendi: Shantanu & Nikhil (Bride) ; Abhinav Mishra (Groom) | Haldi: Ritu Sharma (both) | Sangeet: Tarun Tahiliani (Bride) ; Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna (Groom) | Wedding : Ritu Sharma (Bride) ; Sabyasachi (Groom)

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