From Best Friends to Forever: Devina and Sarthak’s Unexpected Pre-Wedding Proposal

In the unfiltered narrative of Devina and Sarthak, their journey from school best friends to engaged soulmates is a tale as genuine as it gets. No frills, no exaggerations—just a heartfelt account of two people navigating the twists and turns of love.

A Truly Surprising Proposal

Despite his knack for creating unforgettable moments, Sarthak has consistently shown reluctance when it comes to proposals. However, in a surprising twist, he managed to pull off the surprise of a lifetime during their pre-wedding shoot. Blindfolded and led by her best friends, Devina found herself in a magical setting, with Sarthak on one knee, proposing. It turns out, sometimes, the most memorable moments come when you least expect them.

Sarthak’s Pursuit

Sarthak’s pursuit of Devina lasted three years, marked by love letters and midnight serenades. Devina, his unwavering support through tough times, solidified his belief that she was the one. Fast forward nine years, and their engagement day arrives, marking the beginning of a new, sweet chapter in their lives.

Love, Friendship, and Reality

From school buddies to life partners, Devina and Sarthak’s story is grounded in the simple beauty of genuine connection. It’s not just about grand gestures; it’s about the everyday moments that build a foundation of friendship beneath the love story. As they step into this new phase, the couple’s mantra, “pyaar hi toh dosti hai,” echoes the sentiment that love is, at its core, friendship.


Venue: The Perfect Location | Photography/Videography: Omega Production | Decor: Surprise Planners | Hair & Makeup: Faces By Charvi | Planner: All Good Things

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