Holi Skin Care Tips For Bride-To-Be

Holi is significantly one of the major festivals for Indians celebrated across the globe symbolizes joy and happiness, symbolic of victory of good over evil. The festival celebrates beginning of spring and also season for wedding. The big day is equally important for bride-to-be with this celebration. Especially the brides need to take extra attention and care of their health and face. Before you brides-to-be set out to party and embrace the vivacity and liveliness of this festival in all its hues. Keep the zeal of celebrating this incredible festival is alive.

Just get Holi ready and save your precious moment with your family and friends as this may be your last Holi moments to share with them. Just cherish your happiness. We have bring  natural holi skin care tips for brides-to-be are really going to be your saviours and excellent benefits for your skin and beauty. Take notes!

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#1. Oil your skin: Oily skin get less stain of colours therefore get your skin properly oiled before stepping out to enjoy your colour moment

#2. Sunscreen is a must: before playing Holi is to cover your skin with a generous amount of sunscreen as this is the most effective way to protect your skin from getting tanned and sunburnt.

#3. Paint your nail: You must pay special attention on your nail and paint it some dark shade to get rid of stain of colors.

#4. Petroleum Jelly: The most effective and efficient way to protect your skin and its moisture.

#5. Use oil to remove colours: This is post holi care of skin since removal of colours stain from skin is also important task and delicate one.

#6. Use a mild moisturizer: To keep your skin well moisturized use this beautiful tips.

#7. Drink ample amount of water

#8. Go natural: Natural remedies are really very helpful in keeping skin maintained on holi occasion. The natural ingredients have great healing powers on your skin.

#9. Wear Sunglasses: The most easiest way to keep your eyes safe.

#10. Eat skin-friendly foods: Bring it in your habit as the festival arrives to give your skin healthy touch.

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