Groom Version Of ‘Din Shugna Da’ Another Love For This Wedding Season!

Suddenly the wedding chaos seems to silence… the hustle bustle mellows down and everyone stands still to witness what is the most important moment in the wedding … THE BRIDAL ENTRY … the bride looks radiant, the groom is anxious and everyone’s jaw drops as the beautiful leading lady glides down effortlessly towards the most memorable journey of her life … that way to the grooms hand…

and however much we may say that it’s the bride who steals the show , we have to agree it’s the song that gives that moment the most memorable and sweetest flavour !!! And we can all agree happily that , that song is none other than “Din Shagna Da..” sung by Gourav Kadu the melodious of all tunes.
And now that song has beautifully expanded its aura to the groom as well!! Yes , the groom or male version of the song has been launched and we must say it’s beautiful !! Check it out 🙂 Congrats grooms … the song is worth it :):):)

Kashyap Dhwani Films (Pune, Mumbai, Delhi)

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