Feeding India Initiative In Collaboration with Weddingplz #WedWithoutWaste

About 67 million tones of food is wasted in India every year, an amount enough to feed one state for a year. India is a country of festivals and celebrations, so as precaution we always prepare more food than desired but no system to utilise that excess food. Feeding India is a non profit social organization, which aims at eradicating hunger, malnutrition, and food wastage in the country. They gather nutritious leftover food from restaurants, hotels, weddings, corporate offices for the people who are in dire need of food. Feeding India does not create new food but manages excess food.

Indian weddings are a sumptuous affair with diverse cuisines to suit the taste of the guest, a day that is celebrated with mirth. But what next, have you thought about it?The amount of food wasted at weddings is insane considering that many can’t afford  single meal a day. Feeding India ensures that leftovers at weddings don’t go to waste and make sure to collect surplus food and provide it to the ones in need. Brides and grooms can reach Feeding India through their helpline number and ask the hunger heroes to collect the excess food which then is provided to hunger spots.

Feeding India this time joined hands with Weddingplz for a noble cause #WedWithoutWaste as to provide the basic necessity such as food to people who have a hard time earning a living by themselves. We are immensely happy to help for a social cause that needs great attention in a developing nation like India. Weddingplz requests all the brides and grooms soon to be married or Vendors to contact  Feeding India and help them collect leftovers at their weddings, after all charity begins at home.

Fill in this Form if there’s  a wedding you want Feeding India to cover. Begin your new life by spreading smiles and giving life.

Celebrate your event with an auspicious act and help in spreading smiles by donating extra food from weddings, events and help serve people in need.

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