Double Dupatta Draping Styles To Bookmark For That Perfect Bridal Portrait

With ever-evolving fashion trends and brides demanding top-notch styling, it becomes an obligation for us to keep you updated with the latest and sassy styles. The double dupatta trend made its comeback in 2019 but seems to rule the market this year.

Wearing Double dupattas in place of one gives your outfit an extra flowy touch. Brides are often seen picking up a contrasting color dupatta with their wedding outfits to play with the complete look and make it charismatic. Our advice is to keep your head covering dupatta light in weight because we are sure you don’t want to feel too heavy back there with all that bun and extensions. So, with no impediment let’s explore trendy Double Dupatta Draping Styles.


Broad Pleated Style

In this style, the front dupatta is pleated broadly on one shoulder and the other over the head.

Makeup By Guneet Virdi

Outfit By Kiaa Designer

Sleek Pleated Look

Bride has styled contrasting colored dupattas where the front one is sleekly pleated and draped like a saree and the other is over the head.

Makeup By Dramaein Baaz

Shoulder Pleats

Here, the front dupatta is pleated and pined on the shoulder while the rest is neatly carried to the back, giving it a saree style. This is a modest and manageable way of wearing a double dupatta for those who don’t want to show a lot of skin.

Makeup By Namrata Soni

Shot By The Wedding Flies

Single Shoulder Lose Dupatta Look

This draping style definitely gives a wholesome look to your wedding day outfit. The front dupatta is pined on the shoulder from one end and is left all open with the other side draped at the back. You can adjust the length and fitting as per your wish and comfort.

Shot By Prashant Kumar Photography

Outfit By Sabyasachi

Front Belted Double Dupattas

Unique and whimsical way of carrying double dupattas. The bride has chosen contrasting colors and has pinned one on each shoulder. Then they were held in place with the help of an embellished belt.

Outfit By Maitri Mehta Label

Patiala Style Draping

The following is also an elegant dupatta draping option for brides. Arrange it in front like you do with a Patiala suit and add an uncommon element to the entire look.

Outfit By Shehlaa Khan

Makeup By Parul Garg

Over The Top

We find this style peculiar! One dupatta i2Qs arranged over the other which goes to the back and over the head.

Makeup By RP Makeup

Elegance All Over

These winsome brides made us go WOW with their shots in an exuberant red lehenga! The front dupatta is dropping from a shoulder just like it is carried sideways with a salwar suit and another one is over the head.

Makeup By Parul Garg

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