Destination Weddings: Advantages & Disadvantages

With “Destination weddings” in vogue, the couples are drifting away from the traditional weddings and with the help of  wedding planners taking advantage of the shrinking world by planning their Dream wedding, their Honeymoon and the well-deserved vacation altogether.

Hosted at a carefully planned and chosen location, whether it’s a vacation spot, beach or hometown of the either party, destination wedding planning gives everyone, the bride & groom, their family, friends, relatives and near and dear ones, a chance to take a vacation by staying away from home for few days, enjoying in the revelry of the wedding and having fun in the family reunion.

So here are some of the pros & cons that we listed down for destination weddings:

  1. An unforgettable experience: Not only you get married at an exotic location like a palace, or a beach, or a resort or a mountain top, the place you always dreamt of getting married; but also you can stay and spend your honeymoon there.
  2. Limited number of guests: Since you are away from your home-town, and do not have to organize a traditional wedding, the number of guests would also be limited, thereby saving you the flower, catering and other costs…
  3. Photography angle: Destinations weddings make for gorgeous and memorable photos .Since it’s not the old fashion wedding, where you might end up investing thousands on flower and decor, at destination wedding, the scenic beauty comes at no extra cost!
  1. Getting Marriage Registered: If you get married in a different country, it might not count legally in your own. Most countries have strict laws pertaining to weddings. Make sure that you check that the ceremony done abroad will be recognized legally at home.
  2. Relatives and friends backing out: Some of your friends and family members might not find it financially viable to bear the transport cost. So you might have to share their expense with them.
  3. Weather can create concern: If you go through all the hassles of an outdoor wedding in a fabulous place and the weather plays the trick, that’s going to be a huge let-down.
  4. Unexpected problems: If you want a religious ceremony you might not get an exotic beach side wedding as per your wish. The wedding planning might not always go as per expected or desired.70 (1)

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  • Ashish November 27, 2013

    very informative…

  • Nishant Galav December 6, 2013

    “Destination Wedding” sounds cool but it becomes difficult for both the bride’s n groom’s family and relatives to go to a new place to attend the wedding. Plus these days everybody is short of time. So I think somewhere “Destination Wedding” counts to be a bit hectic thing to manage. So its a disadvantage according to me.

  • Saima December 14, 2013

    I love Destination weddings. Away from chaos, to a beautiful new place. Good points covered in this blog.

  • Kashish Agarwal December 20, 2013

    Destination Weddings are really cool but can be completely enjoyed if all the relatives and friends spare almost a week there.

  • Vidyut Pathak January 5, 2014

    I like Rajasthani culture and music alot. People are so full of life there. There music has alot of Indian feeling. So I want a destination wedding in Rajasthan,in Jaipur.

  • Mayuresh January 22, 2014

    Destination wedding is no doubt a new concept and very interesting but is time consuming since all the relatives have to go to a far place. Time is what people doesn’t have these days. So few relatives might won’t be a part of the marriage. So to some extent, its a disadvantage.

  • abhishek gupta February 17, 2014

    Great article. Destination wedding sounds soooo much fun…!!! Really want the same at my wedding.

  • Masoomi June 27, 2015

    Destination wedding is quite interesting…I get very fascinated by these destination weddings.

  • Japman July 15, 2015

    Because of these disadvantages we back out from destination weddings…But these destination weddings are quite amazing.

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