Bridal Nath Hacks For Wedding !

Indian wedding is all about a diversified traditions and cultures. Consisting of various rituals all are important in their own way. Specifically jewellery in Indian wedding is something most crucial unlike any other thing. Jewellery plays significant role in enhancing the beauty of a bride. As looking her best on d-day is like a dream for every bride-to-be. Each piece of jewellery that a bride wears symbolises something traditional or cultural.  Apart from this nath or nose ring is such an ornament which is like a must wear jewellery.

It is wore by almost every bride. Also this priceless ornament keeps a great significance that it is traditionally, representative of a bride’s virginity. And nose piercing is said to have acupuncture benefits. Ayurveda claims that women who have their nose pierced on the left side experience less menstrual pain and easier childbirth.

There are n number of designs and color options of nath which are in trend these days. Just pick your best match and embellish your beauty withholding Indian custom alive. Here are the list of gorgeous designs of nath of different sizes and elegant styles. Scroll down and have a look.

Oversized Style Yet Most Striking One

Photography by Cupcake Productions

Simple Chained Yet Sophisticated One.

Photo by The Wedding Salad

Small Sized & Comfy One.

Photo by Gautam Khullar Photograph

Pearl Embedded Design.

Photo by Vows And Tales

Medium Sized Yet Perfect One

Photo by Rajesh Digital

Nath For Whose Not Piercing Their Nose!

Photo by Gautam Khullar Photography

Single Chain Style And Simple One

Photo by CoolBluez Photography

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